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Ref: CavesAndCrawlers / GalloTales - Series 3 - Episode 7

Daylight Explodes


PCs: MrYoung (+1kp), GarricProudfoot (+2kp), MegRodgers (+2kp), VinicentDLerios (+2kp), GeveryChambertain (+1kp)


Prestess Attacks

GarricProudfoot, using his HatOfDisguise has made himself look like the chief Preistess of the Duergar. He leads his four guards directly into the party. As GeveryChambertain, MrYoung, MegRodgers and VinicentDLerios kill 2 of them, GarricProudfoot assasinates one of the. The other after goes invisible but GarricProudfoot empowers his sences and sees where he is hiding. As the last guard attempts to get away GarricProudfoot kills him

Planning The Rescue

The party discuss if and how they should rescue LubinTheMutant from the temple.

Slavers Raid

Just as they are getting ready to break into the DuergarHold to get LubinTheMutant the Duergar are attacked.

The Temple Again

I Dream of Angels

Recoving Position




Start Date: Y10/M8/W2/D1 (afternoon)
End Date: Y10/M8/W2/D2 (afternoon)

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