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Ref: CavesAndCrawlers / GalloTales - Series 3 - Episode 14

By Earth, Fire, Air, Metal and Wood ...


PCs: MrYoung (+1kp); GarricProudfoot (+1kp); MegRodgers (+1kp); VinicentDLerios (+1kp)


GarricProudfoot send his Gargole off to see what is down the air shaft.

The Goblins return telling the party that they can't get past the Giants. MrYoung goes to investigate and find Giants throwing rocks in a big game of Skittles. Then MegRodgers goes and perswads then to help dig out the tunnels. The giants dig out the tunnels and the goblin tribe tell the party there are two ways to Caldren. The first and quickest is down the air shaft, the other way is many days of travel through many dangers.

GarricProudfoot checks up his Anchor to find him trap with the magical Rope and the Tiflings (he escape some how?).

The party head down the air shaft, collect the gargole and then head to the end which takes almost a day.

At then end of the tube it opens out into a very large chamber with a gigantic metal tree. There is a Demanand and some other small creatures draging a cage up the tree.

The party go agressive and attack the demomand and kill it. It tried to escape with the other through some giganic door. The rest escape.

There is a kidnapped boy in the cage - he is recued. The Demanold body is pilloged for its property.



Start Date: Y10/M8/W2/D1 (afternoon)
End Date: Y10/M8/W2/D2 (afternoon)

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