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Count Valdimir Ivanoff

Ficticious character http://www.tytherleigh.com/Alarm/images/Ivanoff.jpg+right

Strikingly tall, Dashingly handsome Russian count, distinguished by having one blue and one grey eye.

A good, clinical marksman, and an astute politician. Suspected of being a Russian political agent.

First met while he seeks to influence tribal leaders in West Bengal towards supporting the Russians, see TheDarjeelingAffair, during which he is passed a cursed silver hubble bubble pipe by Hamilton.

Implicated again in the stange goings on in the excavation at the Tomb of Nephrem-Ka near Giza ( see DarkDiscoveries ) where he is believed to have been behind the abduction of Lady Macbeth. (see TombRaiders) returning the cursed mouthpiece with the ransom demand.



original image from http://all-photo.ru/ empire/photos/5036-0.jpg

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