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NOTE: if you are in any of the groups I am in (ie DaveF). Please do not read the plots if you have not played in the game. I intend to run them at some stage for all of the different groups and this would spoil all our fun. Once you played a story you many read what other groups did with the same plot because each character will be effectively reset with only minor modifiaction from story to story.

Ref: DareDevils / TheDareDevilPlots

The case of Miss Brookmeyer's Murder


Curtain up - Action

The sceen is a dark room somewhere. there is a figure standing in front of a desk his form is in shadowed. There is a noise from behind ..... The figure turns. As if from out of now where an eye reflexs in the light, then the shine of a large dagger. The dagger moves towards the figure.



 D A R E D E V I L ' s   i n
 The case of Miss Brookmeyer's Murder
 From and original screeen play by Kenneth Campbell
 Directed and Produced by: DaveF
 Staring ... 
     Steve as MikeMattock
     Paul and Russel as JohnFord

 Presented in glorious 'Text-o-vision(tm)'

Act 1

The two of the Dare Devil's Mike Mattock and John Ford are in Mike's Detective agency.

Mike leans back in his worn leather chair, one leg carelessly draped over the arm. He loks despondantly at the empty coffee pot, thinking that Dolores will have to fill it up soon. Then he remembers that she walked out yesterday, something about no wages for six weeks.

Mike once more pulls open his desk drawer and for the nth time that morning tries to find some left over cigarettes, so that he doesnt have to go and buy some from Joe at the corner booth..

John raises his eyes from his game of soltaire

Mike thinks that business had better pick up soon or he'll have to start shooting people himself to drum up some work.....

John No smokes then mike?

Mike says Hey Slim, gotta any spare..?

A car pulls up out side

John Those darn things will kill you

John raises any eyebrow

Mike says Yeah , them and every two bit hood witha grudge..

John you know i don't smoke

John chuckles

There is the distintive click of a ladies heels on the pavement

Mike says Well start...I need a smoke!

John throws a card down

Mike stands irritably and moves over to the window...

John glances at his watch

John I need to get to the campus , I'll come with you

The click clack gets lowder and is then drowned out by another car as it goes by

John standsa and reachs for his hat

Mike says Campus..? Am i supposed to be somewhere?

Mike see outside a lady walking twoards his office door and a parked cab

John smiles

She comes up the stairs towards his office

Mike says Hey Slim..I think business is heading our way!

There is a knock on the door

John You're always here for a cup of joe and a chin wag mike

Mike says Hey Slim answere that will you...?

John sure

John opens the door

Mike moves quickly to take up a professinoal posture in his worn leather chair

John well thank you very much Mister mattock , excellent work

Outside the office is a silm woman dressed in dower fashions from the 1925, she has a stern an business like demeanter.

John I believe you have another client.

Brookmeyer says Mike Mattock!

John goes to leave but is stopped by the sight

John Thats the gentleman there Miss

Brookmeyer says Are you Mike Mattock, Sir

John grins nicely

Brookmeyer looks at the strange fellow and walks by

Brookmeyer says I belive you are a detective for hire.

John postures behind her back at mike and gins widely knowing mike is a heel for the dames

Brookmeyer there is a slight distain in here voice like she is talking to someone benither her

Brookmeyer says Brookmeye there is a slight distain in here voice like she is talking to someone benither her

Mike looks up at the ice queen in front of his desk and reads her like an old dime novel..

John shakes his head and silently laughs

There is something about her pressence that does not sit right, he see that she must have some money, or those 'Amber' that make up her necklase are very good fakes

John Should I stay Mr mattock? perhaps as a witness?

Brookmeyer says Do you want business my business or are you just going to stair at me!

John raises any eyebrow at Mike

Mike says Actually Mr Goldstein, I believe that you could help me with another case I'm on, and you may as well hang around while this Da..err..lady gets to asking me what she wants.

Mike says errmm.. sorry, miss er mirs..er ma'am..please...have a seat

John as You wish Mister mattock

Brookmeyer says Someone is trying to kill me, I heard that you might be able to help me, if you can't I will take my leave, sir.

John leans against the window sill

John looks serious

Mike says Thats a pretty serious statement there miss...it is Miss isnt it?

Brookmeyer says I recieved this note under my door three days ago <pass note BrookmeyerTheNote > and it gave me a fright.

Mike says Most people with a grudge just cut up clothes or let down tires...why would someone want to kill you?

Mike takes the note, and opens it.

Mike says mmm.someone with a bad typewriter by the looks of it...

Mike stands and walks over to slim and hands him the note.

Brookmeyer says So I when an looked at the personals and these are what I have found over the last few days. <more paper BrookmeyerPersonals >

Mike says mmm.pretty serious stuff here..So are you the Nicki in the note..?

John Miss nick ....mmmm

Brookmeyer she looks like 'how can you not know me'

John leans over mikes shoulder to read note

Brookmeyer says Yes I am Nicki Brookmeyer, you know from the radiogram

Mike says Ok , lets take it as read that I dont know who you are..! educate me..

John studies her

Brookmeyer says I am a pressenter on NBC's light program.

John do you teach miss?

John looks unimpressed

Mike says Sorry , only listen to jaz myself

John the radio....oh

Brookmeyer looks at the inpertaint chancer behider her with a snear

John I don't have time myself

John May I see the note Mister mattcock

Mike says So a public figure, always attracts a share of cooks a wierdos..but i'll see what i can do for you.

Mike hands the ntoes over to John

Brookmeyer says Yes, I am teriffied for my well being, some one is obviously out to kill me. I have decided to retire from the show and have moved to a hotel.

Mike says A bit drastic for a note dont you think..? I dont think your telling me everything are you?

John takes out a maginfying glass and examines the paper

Brookmeyer says If you can solve this I will pay you $20 per day and $200 in excpences. If that satisfactty.

John ponders the writing and smells the paper

Mike says The money is fine, but I still think you know more than these bits of paper your showing me.

John thinks that the paper is at least 15 years old and have been keep in a damp location

John Seems normal to me

John A bit old and damp

John Do you have any enemies living near water?

John also notices that the ink is still reativly damp so it must have been written in the last few weeks

John thinks

Mike says Pardon me for being sceptical Miss, but no one gives up a high flying job like yours over a note and a few newpaper clipping.!

John How old are you miss?

Mike says and what is this "Vengeance" they are talking about?

Mike says When someone uses words like that, you can be sure its not because you turned them down for the prom..!

Brookmeyer says I have no enemies, I expect you to spend time looking for the killer not acting like a paperaty. There are no skellington in my closit gentlemen.

John good point mike

John mmmmmm

Brookmeyer says What has my age got to do with this, did not one teacj you manters, sir

Mike says Actually Nicki, may ai call youthat? Actually Nicki that is my Job, its called Clues and you aint giving me an awful lot to start with.

John nods wisely

Brookmeyer says I am paying good money, when you have something of intrest you can find me in Room 1009 at the Mandy Hotel.

John Perhaps we could stand in your house this evening...in your place

And with that she turns to go.

Mike says So before i run out the office wavely these bits of paper shouting Eureka! I need to ask you quite a few questions.

John looks to mike

Mike says In that case Nicki, I'll be straight around tonite..? say about 8?

John that sound reasonable to me....perhaps your address would help us

Brookmeyer says Stop wasting my time, I have told no one else where I am staying so I expect you to keep this a secret. Good day getlemen.

Mike says psst .."She said Mandy hotel."

John is confused by the quick talk and hidden meanings

Brookmeyer leaves and heads down the stairs

Mike says mmm what do you think John...?

John thinks he is gald he is not mike and smiles

John Oh

Mike says That meeting left a nasty taste in my mouth...

John Well if this is your business I 'll stick to camels and digs

John Fair enough

Brookmeyer get into the waiting red cab with yellow wing mirrors

John But ....a girl in trouble....well....

The cab starts to drive off

John leans out of the window

Mike says Do me a favour Call the REdwing cab company and ask Harry on the desk where that cab drops Miss Meyer off..?

John watches leaning on the ledge

John smart move mister mattock...

John tips his hat brim

Mike says Not that i dont trust that dame...well actually..I DONT trust that dame. Anyone with thier nose stuck that high in the air doesnt come to a Dick like me, she phones the police.

John leans on the ledge

John So?

Mike says Hurry up with that phone i wanna call Connor at the 5th precinct....

John puts a stick of gum in his mouth and ponders

Mike says This smells like day old fish...and i dont like fish...

John I thought you were a roman Mike?

Mike remembers that Dolores left last week

John smiles at his low wit

John and today is freday

John Problems mike?

Mike groans at the low joke

Today is Thursday 7th June 1935

John Use the phone instead of your dogs mike

Mike says Give Paddy a call, he lives just around the corner from the paper office.

John It'll save time

John Sure smart move

Paddy will not have a phone, but you can leave a message at the bar he goes to

John He hangs out in O'shannseys right

John ring for him there the big lout

Mike says Yeah, thats right....and knowing him, he'll be having an early "lunch"

Act Two

John guffaws

Phone looks up at Mike with some expectation.

John Let me use the phone mike

John waits

Mike says Go for it John, this is the time to start learning a real trade instead of that boring museum grind you go to

John picks up the phone and grins

Mike notices that there is a book of matches in his pocket

John operator? give me Fairfax 237

John waits

Mike pulls out the matches and grimaces as he realises there is nothing to light with them...

Phone says Yes, Sir, patching you now ... <fiz> .....

John Hello? chronicle?

Phone says Yer this is O'shannseys, hows that

John Yes ...What?....Oh well

Mike glances at John out of the corner of his eye..

John hello do you have a paddy dugen there?

John covers the mouthpiece ...."i got the bar"

Phone says PADDDY YOU SAY ... YES

Mike looks back and nods approvingly

Mike remembers that the girl in the afternoon is a bit deaf

John Yes ....or maybe Irma Dick?

John covers the mouthpiece ..."sorry I could'nt resist that joke mike"

Paddy Who's that guv'

Mike says Ask him if if Mike hunts there..?

John Hello? PaddY??

John chortles

Paddy John is that you?

John its your old friend Slim!

John Call me slim old buddy

Paddy Slim, what up, got some work for me?

John I 'm at mikes here , we need your help

John Right you are

Paddy Great I am bit brasic, what do you need

John tells paddy to go round to the paper offfice and find out who put those ads in the paper and how they paid and waht they looked like

Looks at the match book and see that it says 'Red Herring Bar'

John Got that paddy?

Paddy Ok will do that right away. Anything else?

Mike says dont forget to ask for the original slips if they have them...i wanna see if they were typed with the same typewriter..

John bangs the phone on the desk

John passes the message onto paddy from mike

John Got it?

John puts the phone down

John he is on it as you say in your business

Mike says me grins back at Slim...

In an other party of town Paddy heads to the Newspaper to follow up the lead

John You should ring the police and the cab firm mike

Mike says And how would you say it in the museum business ?

John The task is in hand , we say

John grins

Mike says Ok, i'll do it now while we wait for Paddy..

Mike moves over to the phoen...

Mike says Operator?

John gosh this fun ... better than a class of sleepy grads

Phone says Yes sir

Mike says I need 5th Precinct front desk...

John eyes twinkle as he remembers the old days running booze with mike to fund his next expedtion

Phone says <click fiz>

Srg says Hello Sir, 5th Precint

Mike says Hi, this is Mike Mattock, is Seargent Connor there..?

Srg says Oh it is you, just wait a moment. <fiz> Conner says Hay Mike, how is Dorris

John whispers "don't mention my name mike, he'll remember the lagos affair"

Mike says She left, something about wages....

Mike nods and smiles back at John..

Mike says I need a favour Connor, theres a Bottle of your favourite Irish in it for you..!

John chews his gum and puts his wire glasses on and examines the back of the note

Conner says you should marry her boy, she is in love with you

Conner says Just as the question buddy

Mike says I dont wanna a make a widow of the girl Conner, she's too cute to wear black.

Conner says we all bit the bullet it what we do in between that counts

Mike says right, to business, I've just had a high class dame, name of Brookmeyer in here saying she's getting death threats. Ijust wanna know if she's filed this to the cops...?

John puts the note back in his pocket

Conner says Brookmeyer, never heard of any dame called Brookmeyer. She a local lass?

John prompts "nikki .....NBC ....."

Mike says She's a broadcaster on NBC radio...sound familiar..?

Conner says Nope we listen to the NBC all the time, never heard of her

Mike nods in thanks to John

Mike remebers that she sounds like an upper class dam from New York

Mike says mmm..OK, but can you check with your friends at the other Cop Shops and let me know if anyone by that name has reported death threats..?

Conner says Sorry about that is they anything else I can do for you

Conner says No problems but a sweet dam like that I sure I would have been on like a fle on a dog.

Mike says Thats it for now Friend, but if anything crops up, let me know, you've got a bottle of whiskey riding on this one..!

John grins

Mike says I'll catch you on St Patricks day ..!

John slyly says "fishy huh ....rather fisher now"

Mike hangs up the phone.

Conner says Bye the way Mike, Lt Jonsons after you for that insurance scam you investiagted, he is sure you where behind it. Keep your head down

Mike turns grimly to John

John Sounds ...confusing mike?

Mike says So, next call is NBC, do you think..?

John Right

John Personal department

Mike picks the phone back up again

Mike says Operator?

Phone says Yes, what now!

Mike says NBC Radio station please Sally!

John Ask for louie Grotstien...he knows me

Mike nods at John...

Phone says Transering .... <fiz.

Mike covers the mouthpiece..

John He will straighten this out

Mike says Does he do Museum stuff or something?

A Securary says Hello NBC how can I help you.

John Thats right

Mike says Hello, I am trying to get in touch with a Miss Nicki Brookmeyer, could you put me through please?

John Did a piece on that ...Bali Problem last year

A Securary says I very sorry I have no Nicki Brookmeyer here, is there anything else sir.

Mike says Can you transfer me to ...er....Louie Grotstein please...thank you

Mike hands the phone over to John..."you speak to him"

A Securary says I am very sorry My Grotstein is in a meeting, would you like to make an appointment

John takes the phone

John Let me speak with his secretary Mellia

A Securary says Transfering

Mellia says Hello, Mr Grotstein personal assistant, how can I help you

John Hey Mellia Its Indy

John Why so formal?

John Your not still sore about that london trip?

Mellia says ow Indy it is nice to here your voice.

John well ....I hate to do this..but I need a favour

Mellia says It have been a month and you still have not rung me back, what is a girl sposed to think

John sighs

Mellia says Ok but you owe me a steak supper

John Those guys almost killed me when they threw me from that train roof ...I had to rest up

John I take you out and wine you and dine you honey

John Do you know of a nicky brookmeyer?

Mellia says you can tell me over dinner, and it can be an expensive one with french champain and crystal glasses

John I figure she is a phoney trying to put a take on the museum

Mellia says Nicki Brookmeyer? never heard of the dam, why what is she to you. Is that the trap you are seeing now?

John I ......I'd love to honey . but there is a man with a gun here and He needs an answer

John describes her to mellia

John Ring any bells

John She is trying to sting the museum then ...thanks cutey pie

Mellia says That sounds like Deborah, Deborah Hewitt

John What? so you know her....what does she do?

Mellia says Strange soul that one, seams to live in the past

John meaning sugar?

Mellia says I am afriad not she works in account, she was fired a few days ago.

John Its was a french dinner , i mentioned wasn't it?

John What for? heard any gosssip?

Mellia says Well if you have meet her you will know, no one wheres suits like that any more, god she needs someone to help with her wardrobe

John Well thanks for the help doll....I 'll mention it to her at the mogue

Mellia says Some thing about her claiming that someone wanted to killer her. I don't know anymore really she keep herself to herself. You know these moneyt people.

John I know what you mean Doll anyhow till next time sugar doll

Mellia says My you don't think that someone is really tring to kill her, in a dress like that. What would her mother think.

John quickly replaces the phone


There is a iritated Mellia, that swears

John wipes his brow and looks at mike

Mike says Friend of yours?

Mike smirks?

John Pheww there is a hot one ....that one ....

John I promised to take the freesh one out to dinner for you sakes pal

Paddy arrives at the newspaper and talks to the desk clerk

John you owe me

John He eats like a horse does mel

Mike says He?

wonders if he will need a bloper reel

John checks his wallet , last tiem fat mel gotsteins asst ate him out of his paycheck the tub of lard

John Yeah him

John grotsteins personal asst ....eats like a horse

Mike says I thought you were taking to a dame?

Mike looks confused .....

John Hell No Mike .....But I had to sweet talk him

Mike begins to get worried about John....

John grins manfully

Mike says Ok, so now for the important phone call...

John frowns "hey I got the dough on the dame ..and I'll have to pay big time ...so what if I had to sweet talk him..."

Mike says Operator..?

Phone says Yes! What Now!

Mike says REdwing Cabs please doll..!

In the telephone room there is a young lady trying to eat her lunch

Phone says Patching you now sir.... <click>

Mike waits trying to fish that pastrami out of his teeth

Happy Harry says Where do you want to go.

Mike says Hello, This is Mike Mattock, Harry...can you do me a favour..?

John whispers "drive me out of this mess cabbie "

Happy Harry says Mike, you old bastard. What trouble are you going to get me into now

Mike stifles a laugh at John,

John give his daredevil may care look

Mike says No trouble Harry, or at least I hope not. I've just had a crazy dame in here trying to hire me, but I think I'm being set up for something. She left here in one of your cabs about 20mins ago..Can you tellme where she was dropped..?

John conciders that she had very fine Ambers, probly part of a famous setting

John gets an idea

John wonders where she got the cash for them

Happy Harry says Yer that will be that Brookmeyer dam, she had Pat outside you place all the time. he pick her outside the Mandy and took her back.

Mike says Thats the name she gave..? Brookmeyer?

Happy Harry says Yep, she rang tough for the cab 1hr ago, yep here it is, Miss Nicki Brookmeyer Room 1009 mandy hotel.

Mike says Thanks Harry, can you get your cabbie back here? I think I need a visit to the Mandy Hotel and I wanna ask the cabbie some questions on the way.

John nods

Paddy has a hard time and find out very little from the clerk, he sets off to Mike's office

Happy Harry says No problems, you will pay he his time.

Mike says No probs Harry, you know me...

John Well................

Happy Harry says That is the probs, see you on saturday for the game.

Mike puts on a hurt expression, then realises harry cant see it.

Mike says Ok Harry, see you Saturday...

Mike puts down the phone

John those ambers she was wearing ...they come from a rare piece

John ponders this fact

Mike looks up interested..."Ambers?" Oh you mean the rocks?

John expensive and out of her pocket books reach

John nods

Mike says But she sounded like she came from Money...Know any Money families by the name of Hewitt in New York?

John thinks that they where a 1900's setting

Not that you can think of

John Well I would say its from the old 1905 Fazzrel setting

John shakes his head

John thinks that there would have been a tiara and a bracelet, it is was a proper set

John I think she is a phoney trying to set you up mike

Mike says OK, first off I want you to ring your pal at NBC and see if they can get a gander at this Deborah Hewitts Desk. See if she has a typewriter and get them to try it out. I wanna know if the "I" is set too high..

John takes his glasses off John is sure that they where real, probly $5000 at the very minium

John That guy mel I can't sweet talk him twice mike

Mike grimaces...

Mike says then we need to wander over there ourselves and see if we can take a peek at her desk.

John good idea

John But first we should go see her place

John and be ready

John I smell ....a rat with good taste in gems

Mike says Yep...I'll just leave a note for Paddy....get him to make a start on trying to find out more about our Miss Hewitt.

John Can paddy read now?

Mike hastily scrawls a note for Paddy and sticks it on the glass of his office door.

Mike says OK, just waiting for the cabbie to get here, time for one more phone call.

Mike reaches for the phone one more time, wishing they could mke these things for your pocket liek he saw in that amazing stories comic book.

Mike says operator?

Phone says Hello again, every time I take a bite you are back.

Mike says Sorry Doll, .....One more then I'm done for now. Have you got a listing for a Miss Deborah Hewitt?

Phone says Hewitt ...... Hewitt .... Nope no listing I am afriad.

Mike says Ok, Thanks

Mike replaces the phone onto its cradle again, then turns to John

John Well, whats the verdict, Mike?

Mike says No such listing for Hewitt either....i'm getting the feeling neither name is her real one.

Mike says Lets shoe down to the street and wait for the cab, I want another chat with this dame

John scratches his chin thinking a moment before nodding to Mike and getting up out of the wooden swivel chair.

OOC RussellH arrived and takes over JohnSlim? as Paul has to leave

Paddy Arrives

Paddy Hay gov'

Mike says ..Great timing Paddy...sorry to interrupt your lunch, but didi you get anything?

John nods and smiles towards the Irish.

Paddy Do I get expensis?

Mike says You get a fair share of what I'm paid on this one Paddy, thats the truth

Paddy I am out 2 bucks

Paddy he puts his hand out

Mike says Hold on to the bill till were paid Paddy....

Paddy Hay Gov' I need the cash

Mike grumbles and pulls out his age worn wallet...and reluctantly fishes out 5 dollars in singles...

Mike knows that paddy really does not have any money - if he spent it it was because he thought it was important

John Now are we set, guys?

John is hovering near the door ready to go.

Paddy looks at the notes like a starting man at a dog

Mike says You aint finishes yet..I need you to head over to the NBC offices and try to get a gander at the Desk of Miss Deborah Hewitt who works in accounts...I wanna know if her typewriter has a problem witht he "I" key...

Mike says John, show him the note....

Paddy takes two

John fishes inside his jacket pocket, and hands the note to the brawny Irishman.

Paddy Thanks, I had to bribe the clerk and right pompus official sort

Mike says So what did you get Paddy?

Paddy It seams that there has been four of these personals paid for in advance my an Edwin Kestler

Mike says Any contact details?

Paddy I got a copy of tommorows one BrookmeyerNextDay

Paddy It seams that the personals and money where wired in, he did not know from where.

Mike says Good Work Paddy...good work....Now see if you can pull the same magic over at NBC... Mike hands over the remaining 3 dollar bills.........

Paddy grims, "right you are sir"

Mike fishes out his notebook and writes down everything that has happened so far, starting with a list of names that have cropped up...Hewitt, Brookmeyer, KEstler

Mike says OK John, feel like we've missed anything before we go and speak to the mystery woman?

Mike says You still here Paddy?

Paddy looks confused, he stands there in his labours cloths and wonders if he could even get in thought the front door

John thinks a moment.

Mike says Just pretend you repair typewiters or something

Paddy You want me to look for typerighters that have the funny I?

John So is the plan to confront our employer with these details and see what she confesses?

John looks dubious.

Mike says Thats right Paddy, especcialy this Hewitt Dames...

Paddy Ok Gov'

Paddy leaves

Mike says To start with, Now that I know I'm dealing with a fraud, i wanna see what leaks out when the pressure is put on

John nods

John You're the boss Mike

Mike says Also, I get the feeling that if the death threats are real, regardless of who this woman really is, then its gonna happen today or tonight, and I wanna be around

Act Three

It was rainy in New York that afternoon, the sort of warm rain that is like a woman's corress ....

The Cab arrives it is one of Happy Harry's Red Buck centry with yellow wings

The driver toots his horn

John follows Mike into the cab.

Mike walks out of the cover of the awning in front of the barbers shop and opens up the cab door..

Mike leans forward to speak to the cabbie.

Loud Andy says HELLO MIKE

Mike says You the Joe that picked up the Dame from my place about 30minutes ago?

Loud Andy says WHERE YOU GOING

Mike says Oh its you Andy.....

Mike says Same place you dropped that Brookmeyer Dame

Loud Andy says THAT OK, GET IN

Mike settles himself in the cab.


Mike says Hey Andy, did that broad seem peculiar to you..? Notice anything strange....?


Mike says You've picked her up more than once?


Mike says Looking..? How do yo know that? She been asking questions?

John becomes a little more attentive to the conversation.


Mike says Kestler?


Mike says So how many years she been doing this thenAndy?


Mike says Andy, you amaze me...how did you find that out?


Mike says So the last two years she has been looking for this Kestler guy and now suddenly he doesnt want to be found?



Mike says Hey Andy, can you ask Harry for that address??


Mike says Ok Andy, Heres Two on account

Mike says CUT

The cab and it passengers arrive at the Mandy Hotel. It is a bueatyiful peace if art deco design, white walls with green tapared pillrars. There are two bell boys on the front red carpet that open the door for Mike and John.

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