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NOTE: if you are in any of the groups I am in (ie DaveF). Please do not read the plots if you have not played in the game. I intend to run them at some stage for all of the different groups and this would spoil all our fun. Once you played a story you many read what other groups did with the same plot because each character will be effectively reset with only minor modifiaction from story to story.

Ref: DareDevils / TheDareDevilPlots

The case of Miss Brookmeyer's Murder

The case of Miss Brookmeyer's Murder


A man in seen in the dark, his back is to us. There is a noise from behind, he turns. There is a glint of an eye in the dark and a knife. The knife moves .....


 D A R E D E V I L ' s   i n 
 The case of Miss Brookmeyer's Murder
 Original Adventure: Copyright 1984 Kenneth Campbell
 Published in: Daredevil AdventuresTM Vol 2, No 3
 Directed and Produced by: DaveF
 Staring ... 
     PeterB played PaddyDugen,
     RickO played MikeMattock
     PaulM played JohnFord

Act One

MissBrookmeyer comes to MikeMattock's Detective agency and tells them that she is going to be murdered and she want then to stop it she will pay $20 per day and $300 in expencise. She shows the group BrookmeyerTheNote, and BrookmeyerPersonals. Mattock takes the case. JohnFord notices her expensive Amber necklace.

JohnFord goes to the library to look up the Brookmeyer family. He finds nothing of intrested. He then goes to the museam and asks the Jewely creator about the Ambers, he says that he does remeber something about a set and he will look into.

MikeMattock and PaddyDugen go to the newspaper and interigate a jorno that Mike knows. He finds that the Personals where payed by Wire by a EdwinKestler? and there is a new Personal ad for tommorrow, BrookmeyerNextDay.

The group go and ask the police to see if there has been any reports about MissBrookmeyer and there has been none.

JohnFord goes back to the museam and the curator has found out that there where a set of Amber owned by the Hewlitt family. He then goes to the library and finds out that they family arrived in 1906. And that Major Nigel Hewlitt died June 1925. (and more stuff).

The group desiced to go and see MissBrookmeyer at her hotel ....

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