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Ref: DragonTales

Chapter 3 - Flight to Whitebridge - Wed 21st Aug 2002

Tia mi aven Moridin isainde vadin

 "In the last, lorn fight
 'gainst the fall of long night,
 the mountains stand guard,
 and the dead shall be ward,
 for the grave is no bar to my call."

The supposed inscription on the Horn of Valere, in the Old Tongue, and the associated poem.

An unforcant arrest warrant [Aine-23]

WhiteBridge? [Adar-5]

    1. She tells us to not ask about the burnt buildings, a suggestion that all the members of the group, manage to break at some stage that evening.
    2. She also meanted something about some of her friends being in trouble and that we where to secretly help them?
    3. Also there was something about a covert way that a Aes Sedai might request help involving Blue and White striped Washing?

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