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Ref: DragonTales

Chapter 9 - What leads into shadow

Whirling around,
Like leaves in the wind,
Trading Places,
In a Deadly-go-round,
Shadows, are you scared?

The Wheel lifts them up,
The Wheel brings them down,
Closer to the Top,
Closer to the Fall,
Shadows, are you dead?

The warp whirls in,
The woof pulls out,
Round the threads,
Seek the Center
Shadows, are you empty?

Uniform Guards [Adar-23]

On a High Place

Sarene Nemdahl Aes Sedai: "The Red Ajah dedicates himself to hunting men that can channel, and usually find them slightly distatefull..."
Olivia An'Stein: "That does not seem the way for me..."

Sleep Disturbed [Adar-24]

In Harm's Way

The Beggar: "Kill them and hurry up, we must catch Al'Thor."
Huge Trolloc, drawing his sword: "Fain says you die now..."

Jenin: "You're Homicidal !"
Jac: "No, I'm an Idiot, you're homicidal"

Olivia An'Stein, to the beggar: "You picked the daughter of the wrong man to kidnap !!!"
The beggar: "?!?!?!?..."

Death come on a cold wind

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