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Ref: DragonTales

Chapter 13: The Might of Saidin

Battle draws nigh on the edge of the world
Come the Light
Come the Burning

Out of the darkness, hope shall spring again
Come the Light
Come the Shaking

In the teeth of destruction shall the path be shown
Come the Light
Come the Howling

Fire !
Stone !
Air !

Hope Shattered...
Hosts Scattered...

A Cold Vision

A Frigid Night

The Suicide Pact

Between a Rock and a Hard Place

The Aftermath

A Letter

OliviaAnStein organises a letter to be sent back to Caemlyn.

 To The Publican of the Golden Stag Inn, Caemlyn.

 My Dear Charles,

 I am sorry that our departure was such that we
 were unable to thank you for your hospitality
 and pay our compliments to the warmth and light
 of your

 Our midnight chase has led us further away from
 your fine inn than we intended, and so I wish for
 you to send the personal effects of my party on
 to us.

 Many of these items are of great sentimental 
 value to us, and I trust that the enclosed purse
 will cover the safe transportation of all items
 to the safe keeping of house of Lord Kayen in 

 I hope the light has shone upon your stableman 
 and especially his daughter. If perchance there 
 are any funds left in the purse after you have 
 arranged transportation please spend them wisely
 upon her recovery.

 May the light go with you,

	Olivia an' Stein.

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