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Ref: DnD35e

D&D Varant: Dramatic Setups


If you use this Varant as a referee you have to get past the idea that players should not know what is happening, even if there character don't know. So instead of rolling secretly for spot hiddens or spell effects and asking for undefined saving throw rolls you instead tell everyone why then get them to roll. For example: "In the darkness a figure moves, Roll Spot DC 21 to notice it". later Those of you that failed are supprised when the Orge jumps over the fallen log and lands in your mist, the rest of you get to act as he is doing it."

There are two problems with this: a) referees are not used to it so I can be difficult to think on your feet how to do it correctly, a skill that gets better with time; b) the players are not used to it at first and some players can forget that there is a difference between there understanding of events and their characters. This is something that the referee has to quickly train his players out of and watch carefully for infractions.

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