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Eagle Renwick

A sample character for playing Dare Devil Adventures

NobilisRPG / JanusRPG Stats

Aspect: 0 / 2 AMPs
Skills: Fighter Pilot, Adventurer
Gifts: A Seaplain
Flaw: No sence of humour

Actions: 1 Mundane, 1 Miracle
Rank: War Hero, Karma: Hero (0)


A very tall man of somewhat gangling appearance. He is of a taciturn disposition, but will really enjoy himself in a good fight.


A foil and dagger
In town he wears good quality middle class street clothes but preferers his coveralls.
Adventuring he likes to wear his flying leathers and helmet
Is paid $100 per day for hire of his seaplain
An expensive life style at $25 per month
A small flat at $30 per month
A Sikorsky S-42 Seaplain $50,000


Surface (2) : O O
Serious (1) : O
Deadly (1) : O

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