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Ref: DivineWaterCampaign - MarcelloMancini

Padre Angelo Innocenti

PaulM's anchor character in the DivineWaterCampaign that belongs to MarcelloMancini.

32 Years old, Looks a lot like Andy Garcia.
Currently on loan to the Roman Curia (Vatican) from Turin.
Being groomed for the upper echelons of the church. Because of his charismatic nature, easy manner and relaxed attitude to the letter of church law (the ends justify the means ...).
Owes his life to Marcello Mancini and will do pretty much whatever he asks as long as it's not downright irreligious / wrong.

Nobilis Character Sheet

Aspect: none/0 (2+2)
Domain: 0/0 (Part of the Estate Speed)
Realm: none/0
Spirit: 0/0 (Part of the Estate Speed)



2 Miracle points are one shot, 2 are recoverable


Rosary, Cross, Cassock, Nice selection of Armani suits for 'out of office' wear.

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