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Ref: SavageWorlds & TimE

50 Fathoms


Water, water, everywhere, and not a drop to drink...

The natives say a trio of witches were discovered working dark sorcery in the land of Ograpog. The three were tried, sentenced by King Amemnus himself, and drowned with the rising tide. But with their dying breath the sisters uttered a dark curse, drowning Caribdus beneath fifty fathoms of water. Soon after, ships from another world drifted through the mists of earth and into the “Thousand Isles.”

The visitors are sailors from the age of piracy, dashing corsairs, bloodthirsty buccaneers, or savage sea dogs. They’ve taken to this new world and now sail alongside its strange inhabitants—crab-like scurillians, massive grael, lonely doreen, mysterious kraken, cruel kehana, and the near-human masaquani. Many believe these visitors are destined to defeat the Sea Hags and save Caribdus, but most just seem interested in plundering her for the forgotten treasures of a drowned world.

(from [50 Fathoms])


Player Race Class Name DaveF Kraken Mage Zenwar DaveF Human Salor Senior Migwell DaveF Roc Familiar Rockie the Roc PeteN Human Whaler Queequeg CathyE Human Cabin Boy Bob the Cabin Boy HowardT Human Pearl Diver Ahmed Ium Pissa


War with Spanish

Attack ships

Kill Hags

Find that which Kraken lost Hugh Sphere Done
Find SwordBlackbread has it
Name of Hags Done Water from another world Done
Hand of Last ArchmageWhich one?
Barrel of Water from Earth done Names of Hags done

Golden Triangles

6 of 4 of found

Fix Archmage Stone Circle

Lava from VolcanoSavage Island
1Ib Gold Kehana Floams done Bottle of Air Crocker Mountains done Water From Devils Cross done Magma From Savage Isles done return done


Carpenter Building Ship on island done Mage Brother Crocker Island Prison done



The Moby Dead

TheBrassMonkey III

TheBrassMonkey IV


[Video Album (locked)]

New Edges

Sailor (Seasoned) : +1 Boating, +1 Climbing, +1 Carousing
Captain (Veteran) : +1 Boating, +1 Streetwise, +1 Ships Carpenter

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