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HiLight (TimE)

Nobilis Stats

Aspect: 0 / 2 AMPs
Skills: Bushi (Warrior), Spy
Gifts: AcuteHearing
Flaw: Paranoia

Combat: 1 Mundane - Cut, 1 Miracle - Cut
Wounds: 2 Surface, 1 Serious, 1 Deadly
Rank: Ronin (Hired mercanary), Karma: Hero (2)


Hi Light has always ben told by his mother, that but for quirk of fate he would now been leader of clan 'Arai'. His mother on even on her death bed would not say what the quire of fate was, so Hi Light is convinced that the world is his dog, is some how plotting to keep him down. Because as a youngster he got into allot of fights (that he claims were not his fault), his mother forced him to go to a Dojo and learn some marshal arts for self defence. Also due to his misspent youth trying to listen to his mum talking behind his back, to try and catch some hint as to what the quire of fate may of been, he has developed very sensitive ears.

His life objective is to find somebody who knows why he is not in a position of responsibility and then rectify the situation.


Blinding Eggs
Chilli Bomb
Pepper Bomb
Crowbar / Lock Breaker
Healing Kit
2 x Ninja Garb


Surface (2) : O O
Serious (1) : O
Deadly (1) : O

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