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Ref: ChopChop & DaveF

Ignis Fatuus

An erroneous perception of reality

See: [Ignis Fatuus at wikipedia]


The characters are all ghost, alien, paranormal, or fake hunters. You are part of a small club in Littlehamton, Bainshire, a place that is almost like here and now. Most of the members have a fanish interest in the unexplained but there are those, like yourselves, that know better.

All the character know each other and have been on many an adventure, most of which have been fakes or duds, and the rest have been inconclusive or no evidence left to prove what happened.


Create a simple character with the ChopChop system (four build points only).


Casandra the Hippy Chick - CathyE

Casandra is a health food eating, new age hippy.
She has general all round knowledge of New Age and Occult stuff (Professional Hippy).
May 'Douse For Ghosts' once per adventure (she can detect ghosts and spirits)
and become 'Totally Unflappable' once per adventure (can ignore fear attacks for one encounter).


The Great Festo - TimE

Is a stage Illusionist that spends his freetime trying to debunk fakes
He is a master at illusions and stage magic tricks, has skills for (Professional Illusionist).
It is almost impossible for you to hide something from him (Mastered Observation Skill because Observation is Trained for Illusionists).
May 'Escape, Unlock and Untie Anything' once per adventure.


DI Tobius Craven (Retired) - PeteN

Tobius has retired from the police force because of physiologically problems but has been kept on the pay role as he is useful.
Retired Detective Inspector (Professional Detective).
Acholic - Sanity Shocked
Physic flash backs of murders once per adventure.

Adventure - Suicide Attempt

Part One - Circles

Played: 23rd July 2008


The characters come across John Phillips attempting to kill himself by jumping off Littlehamton's bidge and staying under by holding on to a large rock.
Casandra saves his life by jumping in and dragging him out.


Chris Hamilton a local constable and John friend turns up saves his life and calls for ambulance
Chris tells the party that John's wife to be Anita Hermen had run away saying "she had had second thoughts" about the marriage. John had just come back from a training exercise and was about to go to Iraq after the wedding. Chris got a message on his mobile and rushed to the bridge to stop him.
When Chris has left the party see a ghostly woman on the bridge. When they get there, there is a weird circle made from burnt rubber like some bike did a donut where the figure was.
The party conclude that Anita must have been murdered and is haunting the bridge.
The party try to find out what happened to Anita, it seems no one knows, but Chris says she ran away like his wife did Gina. Anita left with all her stuff but left John's car.
The party go back to the bridge with a better swimmer to investigate the river bed but find nothing but a large rock that John attempted to drown himself by clinging to.
The party decide that Chris must be a wrong 'un and the he probably has offed Gina and Anita so attempt to find proof. By asking around they find out that Gina is still alive and living with her new fella on the other side of Littlehamton.
The party get the club together and have a sayonce on the bridge, there Casandra manages to contact a ghost called William. He tells them that Anita is not there but she is dead. It seams X died on the bridge by a hit and run driver some years before.
The party investigate and find out that William Brookline went missing 10 year earlier. This was around the time the party remember that there where lots of cars borrowed for joy riding.
The party head over to see John. As they get out of the car Festo is strangled by an invisible force. John invites them in and thanks them for saving him. He says that he will be having a going away BBQ do this Saturday and asks them to come.

(other stuff happened - can't remember at mo - please fill in)

Part Two - ?

Played: 30th July 2008

The party are at Casandra's when the contents of her fridge explode and the liquids forms a ring

Part Three - ?

Played: 27th August 2008



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