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Special Options

There are two new working features - Image and Text formating.

Image Formats

Right Justified

If you want an image to be justified to the right side, useful for flavour images ie http:/WikiWikiWiki/IronCastle50.jpg+right
For Example: this image is right justified and see how the text flows

Left Justified

Left Justified Images are useful for bullet point pictures ie http:/WikiWikiWiki/IronCastle50.jpg+left
For Example: this image is left justified and see how the text flows


Inserted images stand on there own which is useful for diagrams ie http:/WikiWikiWiki/IronCastle50.jpg+in
For Example: This image is an inserted
see how the text does not flow

Auto Scale

This option scales the image to the full page width and clicking on it takes you to the image proper, useful for maps ie http:/WikiWikiWiki/IronCastle.jpg+scale
For Example:

Right Thumbnail

A small thumbnail on the right edge.
ie http:/WikiWikiWiki/IronCastle.jpg+rsmall
For Example:

Text Formating

Warning Text

This can be do with double single quotes ie ''WARNING''
For Example: WARNING

Please do not use these except where you really want to say DO NOT READ or This is really really important etc. The chances are that you want the Help or Information formating options.

Helpful Text

This can be do with double tilters ie ~~Helpful~~
For Example: Read this

This is the prefered formating option for messages from referees.

Informational Text

This can be do with double question marks ie ??Information??
For Example: This is a special feature

This is the prefered formating option for small notes on something.

Other Formating

To strike out a word do !!wrong info!! to get wrong info. (Only use this to show that something has been specifically changed, where the old version is still important)

To underline a word do __Notice Me__ to get Notice Me (is old hat from the days of typewriters when they did not have a bold option, you should not use it, use the bold or information option)

To create super scripts E = mc^^2^^ to get E = mc2.

To create sub scripts E%%ij%% to get Eij.

To make big words ++I'm important++ to get I'm important

To make small words --Who me-- to get Who me.

and last to center text use $$The world rotates around me$$ to get:

The world rotates around me


Tables do now work!


test test


:-) :-/ :- :-( 8)

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