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Character Generation

This is intended to be a simple rules lite character creation system. All the player characters are basic humans using the NobilisRPG Rules with some minor modifications to allow for playability.


Nobilis has four Miraclous traits called Aspect, Domain, Realm and Spirit. These Traits can be boosted with the use of Miracle Points.

Characters also have Skills, Gifts and Flaws.


All characters have the trait of Aspect. Aspect is the measure of the character's amazingness in physical and mental activities. Only great and illuminated heros or mystical creatures have Aspect above 0.

        Aspect Power Levels
        NULL    An Object (ie a Chair)
        0       Of Moral Form (ie a Person)
        1       Metahuman (ie proffesional)
        2       Legendary (ie savants and athletes)
        3       Inhuman (ie above mortal ability)
        4       Celestial (ie angel like)
        5       Exemplar (ie god like)

All player characters start off having:

Domain and Realm

For the other two Traits, Domain, and Realm, unless the character has someform of mystical ability or a divine being, these Traits are 'NULL'.

If the camapign has religious or magical player characters, and if the character has selected the relevant Gift, then, at the discretion of the referee, Aspect Skills and Miracle Points may be transfered to the relevant Trait. (please see the referee for more information about how to do this.) For more information see: DomainMagic and RealmMagic.


Like the two Traits, Domain, and Realm, Spirit is 'NULL' unless the character has someform of mystical ability or a divine being.

An entity with Spirit has an Aura that might protects them against Mystical and Mundane Actions directed at them. Any Mirical Action that attempt to directly harm the character must over come the Protective Aura with a Penitration greater that the Aura. Also if the entity is a Divine creature (ie a fundimentatly part of reality) then the Rite of Holy Fire can protect them against 'petty' attempts to destroy them by other 'mundane' parts of the universe.

        Spirit Power Levels (Rite of the Holy Fire)
        NULL    Not protected
        0       Nuke
        1       Missile
        2       Heavy Fire
        3       Guns
        4       Blades
        5       Fists
        6       Insults
        7       Gossip


Janus Character Examples are at: JanusCharacterExamples

Ref: JanusRPG, Next: JanusCharacterExamples, Back: JanusBasicRules

 The Janus RPG  - Copyright 2002,2003 David Allan Finch - all rights reserved

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