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Ordinary Skill Improvement

Character Improvement and Experience

Each session the character gains one KarmaPoint.
Three KarmaPoints can be transferred to one of the follow:

Character Points

The character can spend the CP on improving there Aspect Traits (ie the stat, miracle points or gifts)

(NEW RULES) Each buy cost should be multiplied by the next level ie to get a second AMP it will now cost 6kp when buying it from having one (ie a total of 9kp for both levels). The cost of a stacked Gift should be multiplied by the next level (ie Toughness(1)=3kp, Durant(2)=6kp(9kp), Invunable(3)=9kp(18kp)) (NOTE CavesAndCrawlers Players this comes into effect after you have 26KP but all new Games start with this rule)


'Run like the wind'

Lets take an example 'Run like the wind'. This would allow a character to run faster than a horse and with no stamina loss. This is a reasonable 'super natural gift' and fits well in the Nobilis/Janus? rules.

The ruling now is that, unless this is a direct gift from god (i.e. GeveryChambertain's Firely Blade) then you must have the less mundane gift (or feat) first.

So firstly, before a character can buy 'Run like the wind' they must already have the 'Fast Runner' feat (for example).

Secondly, for all 'Heroes' rather than 'Supernatural Entities' these gifts are 'Not Common' (that makes the more expensive) but they always require 'One Aspect Miracle Point' to activate (this reduced it back to the original cost). NOTE some very expensive gifts can be bought by reducing the KarmaPoint cost, by increasing the number of aspect miricle points it cost you to use, or other limitation like 'only works on tuesdays in a storm' etc.

BTW - The Domain Gifts are direct gifts from your god and hence by pass the requirement to have the mundane feat first.

Being Tough

As a second example lets take the Supernatural Gift 'Durant' this gift normally costs 3 KarmaPoints, it mades your body harder, reduces the damage you take, and you heal more quickly. In the new rules you now need the feat Toughness first (3kp) which gives you another wound slot (*). You then can buy Durant (3kp). The other way to do this is to increase Aspect which cost 9kp but you gain all the other advantages of a high Aspect stat.

Can I have Shapeshifting?

Yep Shapeshifting or Polymorph Self would work and is part of Nobilis standard rules already. There are several variants you can have:

    1. ) Two specified animal/humaniod shapes, these cost 1 AMP to change (3kp)
    2. ) Any animal/humaniod, cost 1 AMP to do (6kp)
    3. ) Any animal/humaniod, costs 2 AMP (3kp)

Amominations (rather than huge creatures) do not count as an animal and can't be polymorph to (this is because they are part of the Domain of Monsters and 'John' would be upset).

If you want to include other sorts of planer humaniods then the cost is double.

If you want the disguiss to fool TheSight?, ie not look magical then you must pick a protection level (1-5) and add that level times 3.

(I hope that this makes the flexability of the system obvious to the rest of the players as well).

Polymoph Others would also be possible but it is 'chained' off Polymoph Self.

Chancel Points (Optional)

The chancel is the power base of any higher spirit that the character is aligned to. These points are spent for the good of the major spirit's cause. In return the spirit will allow that the character next character point may be spend towards Domain Traits (ie the stat, miracle points, or gifts) in the same way as normal character points. IE 2 Chancel Points equals 1 Domain Character Points. This is the only way that a character can elevate themselves to higher importance with in there celestial family and come to the attention of the higher spirits.

Pattern Points (Very Optional)

Any group of entities can agree to create a pattern, this pattern acts as a store of Traits that the group can pool. Any pooled Traits can only be used by one entity at a time.

Ref: JanusRPG, Back: JanusCharacterExamples

 The Janus RPG  - Copyright 2002,2003 David Allan Finch - all rights reserved

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