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Lady Elsbeth Mac Beth

"Never mind, Daddy will buy me another set of purdies and that was such fun!"


26, [Blue stocking] at Cambridge , early feminist, black sheep of the fine scottish family. Rich, adventureous, an excellent shot and has never lost a drinking game.


Only daughter of the Earl of Atholl (86) and his second wife Louisa Sophie (42), a noted markswoman in her time. She has a devoted, and rather dashing, younger brother Archibald (Marquess of Tullibarine)who went to school at Eaton and 'studied' at Cambridge. Despite her exceptional breeding and not inconsiderable fortune she remains unmarried. There have been suitors, but the courting of Elspeth appears cursed as a series of tragic accidents has intervened between her and matrimony........

Robert MacArthur? (1806-1834). Died in tragic hunting accident.
Alfie MacBride? (1807-1835). Died in tragic grouse shooting accident.
Lachie MacCreadie? (1809- 1836). Found by beaters.
Alain MacDonald? (1812 Ė1837). Fell from horse, hunting.
Edward MacEdradour? (1812-1839). Poet. Didnít hunt or shoot, disappeared in mysterious circumstances.
There have also been a couple of very handsome friends of Archibald introduced to Elspeth, but none of them suceeded in gaining her interest.


Excellent shot with a wide range of weapons. Able to reload rapidly herself if her loaders are killed. Always armed, even in court dress.
Brilliant horsewoman
Remarkably good at dodging all manner of incoming missiles without appearing to break stride
Developing skills in medicinal embroidery
Tendency to offer cups of tea at inopportune moments
Growing interest in jewelery, especially rubies and diamonds
Inability to notice the needs of those around her (except ammunition-wise)

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