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A Lovers Breakfast (Tiff)

Elsbeth:Ha, escaped without you lot!

Wallace: Oh well, so much for the romantic rescue... <sigh> Curses, foiled again!

Elsbeth:And you can hardly boast of having a wife who can drink a Russian thug under the table!

Elsbeth:Who rescued you....pah

Wallace: Sorry Elsbeth dearest... Your indomnitable spirit is part of my undying admiration for you.

Elsbeth:and I was feeling that a self-rescuing wife was just what Wallace needed

Elsbeth:being as how he was too busy saving the world to do it himself

Wallace: ...and, by the way, I was trying to stop an unspeakable evil from being let loose in the world.

Elsbeth:best not speak about it then

Wallace: ... it would have made my life easier if you hadn't got yourself kidnapped at the same time!

Wallace: <polite breakfast disolves into angry silence>

Elsbeth:I was defending the camp (which happened to have you, gravely injured in it)

Wallace: <First tiff!> :)

Elsbeth:Nah, I'm sure there have been others

Wallace: Nah, I've been too scared to argue with you!

Elsbeth:Anyway I'm going to send that nice Fatima's husband some fine horses as a present. I'm sure they'd be appreciated

Elsbeth:And when will I get my revenge on the count for the indignity of being kidnapped?

Elsbeth:Scared of little me?

Wallace: I disapear for five minutes and then return with a gem the size of my thumb nail and say "This is the reward I promised. Please forward it onto her."

Wallace: <I state (with reserve) that we should repair to the port as soon as possible... if her ladyship isn't going to stay behind the blast the hell out of Cairo>

Wallace: Is revenge more important than our marriage?

Elsbeth:I think we'll be able to manage both with enthusiasm!

Wallace: I sigh deeply...


LadyElsbethMacBeth - CathyE
WallaceTiffinSmythe - PeteN

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