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Marcello Macini : Il Duce of Speed


Born the only child of a well off traditional Italian family in 1962 Sicily Marcello had been fascinated by cars ever since he was old enough to raise his head from his cot.

At the age of 10 he was riding his fathers motorcycle through the family vineyards whenever he had the chance. By the age of 16 he was racing cars on local circuits.

When at the age of 18 his father was involved in a fatal car accident his mother wanted him to take up the running of the family vineyard he refused and took up the offer of a position in a South American racing team. Preferring the thrill of the speed and the Playboy lifestyle which went with it.

His mother was distraught and was forced to run the business herself despite her failing health and the mounting debts which she was accumulating.

Three years ago he was visited in his Brazilian apartment by a dark figure he had not seen for some 18 years, Padre Angelo, a boyhood friend who was now a priest. The priest explained how his mother had fallen foul of the same men who had arranged his fathers accident in 1980. She had been brutally beaten by a gang and it was feared that she might never walk again.

The priest implored Marcello to go back to Sicily to take care of his mother. Marcello returned to find his mother in a wheelchair. Immediately he himself was threatened by the same men, for a time he resisted selling all he owned and applying himself to the family business. However he was unable to meet their demands and was badly beaten himself before being bundled into his only remaining car, the family Fiat 500 and thrown off a cliff.

Miraculously he survived though partly paralysed down the left side of his body. He was now in no doubt that he needed help to deal with these men, thus he joined the Cult of Otto, agreeing to do as they asked in whatever manner necessary to save his family and ancestral lands.

The Mafia Family were soon after struck down one by one with a vile strain of African wasting disease which drove them insane before eating their bodies from the inside out. The demands stopped

Marcello is consumed by guilt for the way he let him family down, he considers his wayward early life to be responsible for the paralysis of his mother, the loss of half of his families lands and possibly the death of his father.

He now tries to dedicate himself to his mother, the priest who set him back on track and the maintenance of the families remaining vineyards. In fact he was able to repay part of the debt to Padre Angelo when he saved his life (by transferring a little of his blood / power to him) after he was involved in a car accident. He is now an anchor.

But at the same time the thirst for speed pulls him in the other direction, he cannot resist the lure of fast cars / motorcycles and throws family money into running a racing team and buying fast cars.

He knows this distresses his mother yet he is unable to stop. The constant lure of the speed torments him but he is too weak to resist. He knows that it is only a matter of time before it kills his mother and loses the family lands.

Physically he has been weakened by the beating and the fall, this is no longer noticeable to humans but he is relatively weak for a noble.

His Playboy vanity manifests itself in his impressive aura, the finest Italian suits and never a hair out of place.

From his earlier life he retains a disgust for organised crime and the wish to allow as many people as possible to feel the same rush of ecstasy he feels when he is travelling far far too fast along public road on a car or a motorcycle.

Thus he is dedicated to the increase of speed by whatever means necessary through the realm or the manipulation of the domain. He hopes that one day everyone will understand the beauty of this.


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