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Mike Mattock

A sample character for playing Dare Devil Adventures

MikeMattockVersA played by RickO
MikeMattockVersB? played by Steve
MikeMattockVersC played by HowardT

NobilisRPG / JanusRPG Stats

Aspect: 0 / 2 AMPs
Skills: Crime Investigation, Street Presence
Gifts: Licenced Private Investigator
Flaw: Bumbling around women

Actions: 1 Mundane, 1 Miracle
Rank: Official, Karma: Hero (0)


Mattock is a private investigator of the hard boiled school. Ofter surly and short with men, he will fall all over himself with a dame.

Mattock is known and in some case feared by the local underclasses. He has an extensive set of contacts and informers in city hall and the crime families.


Colt Police Positive (and a licence to carry)
A snap brim hat and trenchcoat worn over street clothes
$5,000 in cash save away from previous jobs
a shabby office $10 per month
cheap one room flat $28 per month
normal expenses $10 per month


Surface (2) : O O
Serious (1) : O
Deadly (1) : O

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