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Wash Up Thoughts

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    1. I (DaveF) for one hated DnD3e it did not create the sort of world I wanted, it create a world of heros, when I wanted a world of realism.
    2. Some of the players where getting fed up of that the only sort of conflict was combat, it is true that there where a large group that like this about the game.
    3. From the referees it became a bit like to many cooks spoiling the broths of others. I for one feel that if one of my characters did X with on referee A, then referee B would disagree about this. The metarules where mean to get around this but unforchantly such rules only work after the facts and quite ofter I fealt that the group wanted to change history rather than accepting and growing from the new status quote. This was very dishartening because sometimes it is just not possible to put the gennie back in the bottle.
    4. A year is also a long time for any campaign to be played by most of the groups, so in the end it was going to come to a natral death.

-- DaveF

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