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Ref: NewGallo / DragonStar / OffDET098

The Office of Deaths, Exploration & Treasure

 Session:  098 - Wednesday 6th Feb 2002
 Referee:  Tim "The Mechanic" Evans
 Title:    Pony Express / 1
 Author:   Tim Evans
 Previous: None
 Next:     OffDET105

CD/180 = 14th of 9th Month in Year Zero


        Filthy Ike - Half Orc/M - Barbarian/1 - CN

        Silverbark = Elf/M = Cleric/1 = N

        [Calmert of Highfolk]? = Half Elf/M = Ranger/1 = LN

        [Klick the Monk]? = Halfling/M = Monk/1 = LN

Encounters: (E468 Each)

    1x Woodland Spirit
    3x Hobgoblins
    1x Small Skeleton
    2x Giant Worker Ants
    1x Gaint Soldier Ant


    80N Each in Payment from Osborn Hilltopple
    10N Each of 'Grim Lottery' Tickets
    10N Each Single Pearl gift from Quislorik
    1 Strange Red and White stone, that seems to defy 3D Space


The party had responded to a advert in the Jungle Drums, asking for stout souls to Escort a messenger into the Jungle.

The party went to see Osborn Hilltopple of 'Short and Long Foot Express Deliveries', who said he would pay them 80N each to Escort 'Tudor Smallfoot', into the jungle to deliver a packages to 'Quislorik'.

The party then set of North of New Gallo, and after a small amount of argument, between the Half Orc and the rest of the World, the party began to hack there way though the jungle. After about a Mile of jungle they came upon a small clearing, where sitting on a Log was the most beautiful woman (silvered haird), the party had ever seen, party approached peacefully, and 'Jali' for that was her name, did bid them welcome, and warn them that they were approaching great evil, and every thing was not as it seemed, the party took this as as sign that she could see the future, so they asked 'When is Grim Going to die ?' to which here response was 'Who's Grim?'.

The party then continued there northern travel, until Calmert blunder into a party of Hobgoblins crossing there path, a brief and fight occurred, and the Hobgoblins where defeated, but the party took some damage.

Shortly after the encounter with Hobgoblins, Klick found a skeleton pinned halfway up a tree. The party approached cautiously, and became even more paranoid, when they realized that the Skeleton, had been pinned to the free by 8 x 1 meter long Barbed spears that appear to have passed though the three, before pinning the victim. Klink attempted to pull the victim down, but the bones refused to be detached. So Filthy climbed the tree, and cut the Skeletons head off. as the Head hit the floor, Silverbark heard something rattle in the skull, on investigation they found a very strange Red and White stone that was shaped a bit like a Pretzel, but seemed to defy 3D Space, some what like a Escher picture, but made of stone. It seem to cause people to get a head ache if looked at for too long. Silverbark but in a small back for later investigation.

About 1 Mile after this they cam to large tent at the top of a cliff overlooking the sea. The tend is over 20' tall, when they enter the tent, they see the largest person they have ever seen, hi is over 9' 10" tall, and he is 'Osborn Hilltopples' business partner. He claims to be a Paladin. but is a little evasive as to which god he worships. He offer the party some refreshment, Klick, and Calbert accept some of 'Quislorik' home brew, and the rest drink water. Klink drinks his down in one, to show what a man (halfling) he is, he is speechless for several minutes. seeing this Calbert, takes a small sip, and then for reason that make no sense pours the rest over Siverbarks head. Silverbarks hair begins to foam and fizz, so Calbert then dumps a cup of water over the mess, Calbert hair begins to fall out in clumps. Klink then has another measure of the drink, and again is speechless, and then has a third measure, at which point he becomes pissed.

'Quislorik' then takes the note from 'Tudor' white something on it, and gives it back to 'Tudor' along with a new note. He then gives each party member a Pearl, and ask's if any of them come this way again, would the please bring him some stone working tools, as he wishes, to build a more permanent home here. 'Filthy' agrees, and also offers to send some Dwarfs to help, but 'Quislorik' refuses the offer of Dwarfs saying he Hates them...

The party now take there leave, and begin there return journey, Klick is finding difficult to concentrate, and is just wandering about in the woods, in a attempt a sneaking.

On the way back they stumble upto a group ants, another fight occurs and eventually the party win with no help from Klick.

The party then get back to New Gallo and are paid by 'Osborn'.

'Filthy' refuses the 'Grim Lottery' tickets and gives them to 'Silverbark'.

'Klick' also refuses the 'Grim Lottery' tickets so his are just added to the pot, but with no possible winner.

Sheriff Sir Karl Tsukin OGE <sheriff@newgallo.net>, The Office of New Gallo Law Enforcement and Aggressive Defence

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