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Ref: NewGallo and CavesAndCrawlers

Old Gallo

Sheild is Freeware Clipart from [Swan Pursuivant]

The Dukedom of Gallo where the characters come from in NewGallo and where the CavesAndCrawlers campaign is set.


The Western Coast

This is the back end of no where, it is where the Gallo equivenets of Hicks live and out of favour nobles are sent to end there days in ennoble internal excile.

Ref: HartHam, FoglyOnSea, LastBeurg, EndlessStreet, MyrrWood, NewMyrrForest, DukesVille, LastPortByMyrr


Social Political Struture

Gallo is part of the new Republic and is run by the elected for life Duke. The heads of all major families have a vote but most of these are proxied via richer and more powerful familes for tax and other minor rights. The Duke can technically be removed but he morelikely to be assasinated than impearched.
The civil war that has made up the last 100 years so of history of the old world was between those that sides with the semi-democratic olargy and the old style totalitary monacies. The great comprimise that end the war create the new consitution of semi-democratic senitors and semi-dictoritalal nobles. The system works kind after when King John signed magnicarta ie all side are happy when they are getting what they think they signed up to but the new laws have not been tested in pratice. Because this new system was the start of the New World all the calindars where reset to year zero. The campaign is set 4 years after the war ended.

Religion and all that

Most of the population are agnostic and fatalistic. So they tend to pray to gods only when they desprately want there help or to be leave a lone. All the gods are looked after by a secret priesthood that attempt to reduce the infulences of the deities and most people like it that way.

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