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Pax Romana

Referee: PeteN
Group: [Wednesday Kingson Group]
Background: Rome in the time of Nero
System: Modified BRP


It is [Saturnalia] (Dec 17th? 60ish AD) in the city of Rome.


The Standard BRP with the rules for Crits and Special changed so that there are only Crit which 10%. The Character Generation rules have been simplified.


The following are the Actors on this dangious stage:


Pulvis: I/I - Wed 31st August 2005

Pulvis: I/II - Wed 07th September 2005

Pulvis: I/III - Wed 14th September 2005

Pulvis: I/IV - Wed 25th October 2005

Pulvis: I/V - Wed 02nd November 2005

Pulvis: I/VI - Wed 09th November 2005

Pulvis: I/VI - Wed 16th November 2005

Pulvis: I/VI - Wed 23th November 2005

Party continues to assume / think

possibly a reference to the legendary Bull statue from sacking of Carthage which was used for sacrifice.
but reallistically - Nero is building an amphitheatre called the Statillus Tarus.
"the place of the Standing Bull" = amphitheatre called the Statillus Tarus

nero is holding inagural games on the last day of Saturnalia in this new amphitheatre.

pontifect diary references the 'disaster repeating' ref Fidenea
pontifect diary references the disaster in five days , last day saturanlia
"one who is many" could be the demon who turns into many beetles terga encountered 'earlier'

but what is the ["vengeance of Charun"] we have to exact on "one who is many"


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