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Ref: DnD35e

D&D Varant: Player Only Rolls


In this varant the referee attempt to do no die rolling at all. This is achieved by reversing all the normal rolls that the referee makes to defence rolls.

As a simple rule - PC take off 10 DC to make Rolls and NPC add 12 to Mods make a DC.

Attack and Defence Rolls

Attacks stay the same as normal D&D for players but for NPC they are changed. Insteed of the refereeing rolling to hit attack rolls the players roll 'defence rolls' for their chacter instead. The players subtract 10 from there AC and add this to a d20 as a kind of save vs the NPS static Attack DC. The Attack DC of an NPC is there Attack Mod added to 12.

IE PC AC 18 vs NPC Attack +7 become a PC Defence Save +8 vs NPC Attack DC 19.

Criticals, Fumbles, Auto Success and Fails

As in the standard rules a 20 is an auto success, and 1 is an auto fail for Attacks and Saves. The Threat Ranges also apply as normal on attack but on defence rolls they are reversed. If an NPC has Attack Threat Range 17-20 this translates to a Defence Threat Range of 1-4. If the player rolls a second Defence fail then the NPC Crits.

Magic Saves

Skill Checks

Opposed Rolls

Secret and Supprise Rolls

see DramaticSetups

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