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Rune Power

This is a power in which a person can increase there abilities by permantly using someone elses. This bond makes the giftee completely depended on the recepenct (this idea comes from Dave Farland's Books The Runelords). Runelords have to guard there 'servants' because the simplest way to kill a runlord is to kill his power base. Hence giftee tend to live a life of protected indolence in the safest part of a castle. In return for service some receive money and privlage for there familes, others are sons that take up the 'proffession' out of duty.

Using the 'Mundane Power Stacking' rule creates increased Effective Aspect Levels. Hence:

       Effective Aspect   People Required
          0                    1
          1                    5
          2                   25
          3                  125
          4                  625
          5                 3125

Normally the Rune powers taken are:

Those RuneLord's that take there power unwillingly are called DireLord's, those that take there powers from animals are call WolfLord's.

The Powers can be past though others and these individuals are called Vectors, it is also possible to create a very power full structure called a VectorRing but this structure can be terminal on it's participents and is normally reserved for the worse moments.

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