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The Road Story

The journey of RedFist, SliperySid and SlasherScorpion.
Campaign Map Overview: [Map] Campaign Map Monks Island: [Map]

First Mile

  1. RedFist and SliperySid escape from a gang war in which there chapter is destroyed.
  2. They stop at a garage for entertanment and gas.
  3. Both of them get high and have fun with the asian lady
  4. They wake up in an underground complex with french men (attually orcs and goblins)
  5. Whilst Red has been knocked out Sid finds out that they have half a coin each attached to there nipples. Sid steals Red's.
  6. They shoot they way out and Red is hurt bad

Second Mile

  1. They follow tracks and come across a tower
  2. Then some local sheriff on a horse attacks them (attually a knight). They kill him and his men run.

Third Mile

  1. They hangup the knight as a warning to others.
  2. They arrive at a small village and take over the pub, kill some more of the knights. Red takes the barmaid as his woman. Sid takes an acobat from a travelling entertainer. She attempt to escape.
  3. They findout that everyone has charms that make them stronger, but they seam to loose power near them.
  4. Red gives his charms to the barmaid. Sid follows suit and the acrobat makes a run for it.
  5. Next day they travel to a small town and use almost all there gas.
  6. They take over a large inn.
  7. They have several fights to keep the inn with the local knights.
  8. Sid burns down part of the town in revenge for being attacked.
  9. The take some slaves from the docks and treat them well.
  10. They are then approched by a strange guy with a girl translator, who is the first person they have come accross who can speak 'english'.
  11. He stabs her when they don't do as he says, apparently believeing they do not understand her. He leaves and comes back with another. The barmaid saves the first translator.
  12. He again is not happy with the parties (lack of) response to the translators requests and kills the next translator. Red tires of this and kills him with a lucky shot.
  13. The get information about some Queen from the woman translator.

Forth Mile

  1. They rest up in the town
  2. They then are approached by a boat captain whom says he can transport them to the queen.
  3. They go via the ship to the queen, discovering en-route that they killed the captain, but the first mate has taken command and is under orders to bring them to the queen. After a short voyage the come to an archipelago of islands, and finally approach a heavily fortified island. Once they are close a dragon sent by the queen to pick them up attacks the ship when the bikers don't wish to go with them. The gang and their hogs are saved, the boat is sunk with all hands.
  4. They meet the queen, and upset her. So she has them thrown in a dungeon.
  5. They 'escape' and roam around for a while. (the magical locks in-use around the dungeon are useless)
  6. They find lots of prisoners that are in unlocked cells but do not seem to escape.
  7. There are magical doors that act as traped airlocks that keep the prisioners in. The party seems to have an antimagical effect that cancels them, once they realise this the prisioners run away.

Fifth Mile

  1. They explore the level of the dungeon they are on and kill lots of Orcs and other creatures. It seams to be some sort of training establishment.
  2. They find the way up to the next level and bed down.

Sixth Mile

  1. The continue to explore and find another Biker (SlasherScorpion) that is suspened upside down.
  2. After a strugle he is freed and joins the gang.
  3. They go and get some more weapons from a training room and hold up to recover from their wounds.
  4. They are attacked by more Orcs and RedFist gives chase.
  5. They arrive at a room full of Kobold slaves, and kill the lot.

Seventh Mile

  1. The gang start to search the area they are in and find a feasting hall. They hold up and drink lots of bear whilst recovering. (They are not at all curious as to why someone laid a banqueting table out for them).
  2. A plan to defend the room is concocted with using a table to make a defendable corador and using the empty barrels to roll at people entrering the room.
  3. When the door is opened to leave, the gang find that there are zombies outside and there is combat using the trap which goes well.
  4. After the attack a Kobol comes with an Acid Tab for RedFist and wants the gang to follow.
  5. The are lead into a room (up lots of levels) to a room with the BlackQueen? with lots of guards. She does not seem at all surprized that the gang escaped or worried at the loss of life in her dungeon training area.
  6. After a discussion an arragement of gang 'alliances' is agreed to.
  7. The gang agree to help get rid of a 'Paladin' (The gang think that this must be a misunderstanding as this ia a drug) that has been attacking the castle.
  8. With 6 trolls and some palace guards the gang go down to a sea cave entrace to the lower levels. Apparently the paldin is riding his horse through the sea caves (wow those tabs must be stronger than they thought). After setting up a clever plan to surround the paladin in anti magic zones whilst he is under water and using the trolls to block his escape into air. The paladin is drowned after doing a vast amount of damage to the trolls.
  9. The BlackQueen? holds a party for the gang and her 200 high leutentents. There is food fight and lots of revelerys.

The Eighth Mile (The Castle, Part One)

  1. The gang are sent to sort out one of the Queens vassels, who has decided to become more 'independent'. They are under instruction to punish with extreeme predudice, but leave one courtier/knight alive - the one with a black feather in his plume.
  2. Sid and Red attack the 'kings' castle, with a couple of Trolls to assist, and kill almost everyone the meet

The Nineth Mile (The Castle, Part Two)

  1. The king and his knights arrive at high speed on horseback, and they are killed in a short but exceptionally bloody battle..
  2. The knight with a plume kills Red's troll and the gang make their escape.

The Tenth Mile (The Escape)

  1. The queen orders the gang to let some prisons escape out of the dungeon but to make it look like they fought hard, this is so that it looks like the survivors really did fight there way out.
  2. lot of nasty traps are created
  3. the party of 10 are allowed to escape and they are mostly all kill with Red acting as a king of the monsters.
  4. the two that where ment to escape do and a third (which had to be revived because Sid was not paying attention to orders) also escapes.

The Eleventh Mile (The Isle, Part One)

  1. Campaign Map Monks Island: [Map]
  2. There is an Island that is at a strategic location between the King's and Queen's domains. It has been taken by both over the years. She asks us to take it back, currently there are Monks guarding the Island.
  3. We take three boats, one with each of to act as anti magical detection. On Scorp's boat there is a Griffin and Ghouls, on Sid's there is a Troll and Orcs and on Red's a Troll and Hobgoblins.
  4. We attack the port, Scorp on the Griffin takes out the ports watch tower.
  5. The gang hits the castle and fights there into the outer bailey killing lots of monks, the 'surprize' of monks loosing their magical enhancements and abilities as they draw close to the gang is very effective.

The Twelth Mile (The Isle, Part Two)

  1. The Griffin eats the castle pegasus.
  2. The gang attacks destroys the temple and the monks counter attack. They are killed.
  3. They cross to the next bailey via the bridge. There are several invisible monks, who cause havoc until they can be broght close to the gang and 'reappear' to damaging effect.
  4. One troll is killed when it is dropped off a bridge by the Monks leader.
  5. The gang fights and wins though to the inner bailey.
  6. The gray monk attacks Scorp and then Red.
  7. One troll is given Sid's Gems to help chase after the gray monk and bash in a castle door - the moment he is free of the gangs influence (about 30') he very quickly destroys the door, and nearly makes good his escape before Red & Scorp get close enough to him to return him to a dumb, subservient troll again..

The Thirteenth Mile

  1. The group are relaxing and enjoying themselves when the Queen arrives
    1. RedFish? is entertaining the captured princess
    2. Scorpian is resting
    3. SlipperySid? is attempting to get the Troll back from the rocky seas below the bridge
  2. The Queen tells the group what she wants the gang to do next this is:
    1. Take possession of the islands as a base if they want it
    2. Kill the King, but first to disable his power base by killing his new Sage that has discovered how to produce the enhancement gems, and also to taint the ones that she produces, and has caused a major turn around in her fortunes.
  3. She explains that the King and his Sage have found out a way to detect her gems. She has found a solution to the problems but she has not managed to produce enough gems to boost her armies sufficiently to fight the King. The The gang have access to the old ones, which are 'visible' to the King's sages whenever they are moved or used. The gang come up with the following plan:
    1. They travel to the location of the sage with the three chests of gems (thats a LOT of gems, and armies worth 4000+) incognito - and using their anti-mahic effect to shield the movement of the chests
    2. The queen transports 200 or so Orc and Trolls to a rendevous point beyond the Sage's volcanic mountain fastness, near a city.
    3. The gang give the orcs and trolls lots of gems and create an instant army near a city to create a distraction, that will hopefully have the king and all his men hurrying to defend it.
    4. The gang then attack the sage on his mountain top.

The Fourteenth Mile

  1. There is more discussion which comes close to a plan but the gang comes to the conculsion that attacking is more fun.
  2. The gang get there stuff together and then enbark on the ship.
  3. The gang discuss the problems of being detected and hence spread themselves around the ship to reduce the chance of being spotted. This upsets the crew as their 'rowing' charms do not work and it's tough work rowing & sailing, but once we run the blockade without being hassled by the king's ships their mood improves.
  4. The ship arrives at the port. RedFist and SlasherScorpion organise some beer. RedFist shares some of his with the now doomed crew (after all the queeen will now kill them - she has a thing about secrecy, especially where the effects of the gang on magical devices are concerned).
  5. The stuff is unloaded from the ship and placed on to a large wagon pulled by 3 oxen. The ship sails off to its doom.
  6. The gang, with the ship's captain whoes name they can't pronounce, X and the barmaid from their earlier adventures, leave the town and travel along the road, they stay in an inn for the night. In the night some one attacks them. RedFist and SliperySid kill him. SliperySid places his head on a pole as a warning. RedFist uses it to pratice his bow on.
  7. The continue the next day and later in the morning a knight and his man ride towards the group. The gang conclude that they and the gems would cause a problem, so set off across a field to act like they are delivering stuff.
  8. The knight is not convinced and sends his man to get the gang back. The man at arms is killed by RedFist and SliperySid. The knight has several arrows in him before he knows what has happened from RedFist and he is killed by captian X and wench Y. The bodies and houres are hidden and the gang change road.
  9. That night, camping in the woods there is some strange howling, and when Scorp sends the captain to get firewood he returns very quickly chased by a large agressive bear like creature. Scorp intercepts and with the aid of the whole party, just, manages to defeat it before it rends him limb from limb. The next morning the gang, with a heavily wounded Scorp, pass through a small village where they are hailed as heros for killing the creature, a local wise woman treats Scorp, initially failing to do it with magic, she tries successfully with herbs, and gives hime 'something for the pain' which the gang enjoy greatly!!.

The Fifteenth Mile

  1. The group make very boring progress on their mule-cart along the minor roads, avoiding trouble and getting the captain to buy the barrels of beer wherever they can. SlasherScorpion and RedFist seem to be permanently 'hungry' and yet relaxed, this beer is damn good stuff... It might be something to do with Red and the 'herbs', but no one cares.
  2. At one particular hostelry the Captain is unusually keen to go inside, when RedFist investigates he discovers that the Captain is 'visiting' a young lady of the premises. He buys beer and food and grins wryly.. There is a bit of a problem when the Barmaind (gang member) points out that someone left rather suspiciously when RedFist walked in... RedFist & SliperySid search for the short swarthy stranger without sucecss.
  3. The next morning, in the early hours the 'guards' are visited by an old man who is trying to sell them the magical gems 'on the balck market'. After some tense negotiations where the gang are careful to kee the old man out of their area of effect they SELL HIM 8 'tainted' gems for 50gp now and 50gp later.
  4. They press on happy to have caused a bit of havoc. Keen to keep up this new found fun they react rather agressively when they see a tax collector & bodyguards collecting road-tolls ahead. There's not much chance of slipping away unseen, and theres' a queue of carts & people at the tax point.. the boys decide on a direct attack and after a short but bloody fight leave the tax collectors heads on poles with more 'tainted' gems in their mouths..
  5. Very pleased with their more active style of travel the gang pass a pair of farmers travelling the other way on a cart, in a paranoid moment (herbs again?) they attack and kill the innocent farmers.
  6. That night the captain is nervous and parks the wagon hidden in a wood off the road. they sleep well.
  7. In the morning as they are negotiating the cart out of the wood they are seen and accosted by two knights, each with 3 men-at-arms. The boys hide while the Captain and the Barmaid try to bluff the knights. It nearly works, but a melee ensues in which Sid is repeatedly speared by horsemen riding past while RedFist and SlasherScorpion pick riders off from the edge of the melee. One rider escapes, followed by the Barmaid on foot running like the wind (the party remember they have given her rather a lot of magical gems in the past...) . They unpack RedFist's hog and he sets off after the chase.
  8. A few miles on he discovers that the chase ended within sight of the main town they are supposed to by-pass and a squad of men-at-arms is even now forming at the gate to come and investigate. With the barmaind on pillion he hurries back.
  9. Sensing the need for speed, the gang unload their hogs from the wagon and strap a chest of gems onto the back of each. They then give every enhacement gem they've ever taken from a horse to the teamster to put on the oxen and make haste around the town towards the rendezvous point betond the town.
  10. With a mile or so to go the police-squad are gaining. The gang throw caution to the wind and let the oxen run at full speed - boy those beasts can motor - the poor wagon is bouncing and crashing along the road behind them and it's touch and go how many wheels it'll have left! (all together now, 'three wheels on my wagon..')
  11. With a minor distraction caused by a road-guard the gang make it into the woods where the rendezvous is supposed to happen.
  12. An old peasant scything grass by the road looks up as they approach, and with a start of recognition blows a call on a horn he had concealed on his body. hundreds of orcs and two huge trolls pour out of hiding onto the road.
  13. With the police-squad of 20 or so obviously magically enhanced men-at-arms bearing down on then the gang desperately distribute the chests full of tainted gems to the awiating orcs.. the battle initially goes against the orcs until the ones who have the gems are able to get to the front at which point the battle is easily won.
  14. The 'scythe man' sets up the Trolls with many-many enhancements and sends them and the now muscular and orderly orc force to attack the nearby town...
  15. The boys see the teamster making good his exit with his 'enhanced' oxen...and let him go. they're too keen to get on the hogs and head for that mage...

The Sixtheenth Mile

  1. Back on their hogs once more, the gang ride back down the road and come across a cart they drove off the road. They help the cart back on and hide some gems in his cargo.
  2. They then head down a side road towards the Volcano. After a while they are met by a Knight, who glows in a similar way to the 'Paladin' they dispatched on the queens Isle long ago. This Paladin is also soon dispatched. Driving on they come to a low round watch tower and are stopped by 6 Monks (dressed identically to the monks on the Island). After a brief but bloody fight, in which RedFist gets well beaten up, the monks are dispatched. Inside the tower there is a strange glass radar table which SliperySid smashes.
  3. They ride up the volcano side into the woods and are attacked by bowmen. Electing not to fight they speed up and soon outpace the misterious attackers. Afet a few miles of riding up the steep mountain track, they party come to the main gate. It's not an impressive affair, with the wall spanning the valley being only 15' high and having a small gate with just two guards. A guard comes to investigate and the gang attack. The remaining guard fills the valley with a fire-storm which has little effect on the gang (it does blister their tyres a bit riding over the hot stones after about a minute). One guard is killed the other goes for help.
  4. After a few comically poor attempts to scale the wall SlasherScorpion finally makes it to the top, where the wizard and guard see him. The Wizard tries to send SlasherScorpion back to his home plane this fails only when he jumps off the wall back to the lads.
  5. Finally the gang make it over the wall and find the Wizard and guard have gone, after a short look around they see the guard open the door to the house in the grounds and a large wolf like monster is released to attack them. After a brief fight, in which it's fearsome jaws rip the gang up a bit, the beasts back is broken by a huge blow from SlasherScorpion.
  6. They search the area inside the gate and find a house with an illusion. It is in fact another watch tower with no way in but the main door. They find a magically hidden chimney in the grounds, which leads to the kitchen.
  7. RedFist storms the kitchen followed by SlasherScorpion and then SliperySid. They intimidate the cook, and on looking outside see the guards are building a barricade in the corridor outside.

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