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The Grand Temple of Jing

All bow before the great tricker God Jing

Jing is the archetypal trickster god of OldGallo. Stories of his deeds stretch back to the beginning of history, and they are an important part of OldGallo culture and lore. These stories paint Jing as a doer of many deeds - some good, some bad. These deeds are typically told with a light adventurous spirit, but clearly indicate that Jing has had a major effect on the gods, the Children, and the way of life for all creatures on OldGallo. This may explain the god's many aspects, each of which has found worshippers among the various races, cultures, and peoples of OldGallo. Indeed, it is safe to say that Jing is worshipped the world over.

Jing is said to sometimes wander OldGallo, looking for interesting things to steal, or people to abduct and take to his Grande Temple. Although he appears to OldGallo's people in many guises, Jing always gives away a clue in his appearance so that the astute or devout might penetrate his disguise and recognize him for who he is.

See also: JingTheMighty

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