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Session 2.02 - Recollections of Times Past

'Some said it was the dawn of the third age of mankind ...'
'It was ten years after the Earth-Minbari war'
'Ancient forces restarted their game like monsters from the deep.'
'I had seen too many false dawns ...'
'it gets dark again before it gets light but we did not realise how dark it can get.'
'Great Maker protector us from the fanatics, priests and heros.'


Level Ups

GrahamBond, WeyungLi and DaroonVolaan can have another level now. KeReen is most of the way to the next.


  1. GrahamBond and WeyungLi had left on an IPX mission for Owlish23 a very remote system, that DoctorSnell? beleived containes the ArkOfTheCoventent?!
  2. DaroonVolaan and KeReen are investigating the Ancient City and the Shadowsoulled Minbari.
  3. GludoStrade had left irgently for CentariPrime? leaving JasonStelle on Babylon5.

Minbar, Thu 3rd Dec 2257

KeReen reports to his senior in the Warrior Caste.

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