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Bryan Ferranti the King of Electricity

Pre cult: He was a vegan electrician with a penchant for fast motorbikes. He lived somewhere between Kingston & New Malden. He had a fiancée called Karen who worked in the newspapers - a journalist. The rest of his family is dead/unimportant. He was/is caring towards animals, its just people who he doesn't particularly care for.

Post cult: He joined the cult as a way of improving the performance of his treasured bike. Things then went weird. Now as a being of electricity his priorities have altered somewhat. The bike is less important, as is the girlfriend. Instead, his thoughts are spent on loftier, in his eyes, power mad in others, goals.

Bryan is ecologically aware. He has at one stage or another been an active member of various organisations, like the anti-hunting lobby, Greenpeace, anti-vivisection and other shadier and often illegal groups. To that end he looks for ways to persuade people to follow his own goals and is thus interested in knowing what makes people tick - how they think and so on. And in a way, the progress towards the cyberspace realm is to do with that. It will also enable me to hopefully read peoples minds (obviously, only if they are in this realm) and also control them. Should I so desire. This is his biggest long term challenge, one which he devotes a lot of his time to. With the financial base provided by Hans Otto he will set about recruiting the worlds leading microelectronics architects. Senior coder will be the hacker Cyberduck who is one of my anchors. But I will need hardware as well. He has been thinking that nanotechnology might be too weird for people in the short term, so although I will allocate some of Hans Otto’s vast resources to that, I will also devote some effort on a more immediate solution. Some sort of headgear, like a VR helmet, but with feedback responses as well. He will use whatever is needed of the Irridium in setting up such a thing, probably in his network monitoring centre.

Bryan does not like direct confrontation if he can help it though he certainly isn’t afraid of it should it happen. Rather, he likes to sneak around, spy and attack obliquely if possible. For instance he spends time setting up and monitoring various information networks, doing spy runs into interesting and informative places via electrical conduits, speaking with the Illuminati on various nefarious topics and aiding them if they require it.

He used to love his girlfriend Karen, with whom he has had an ongoing relationship. He now understands more fully why the rule for not loving a human is there. He has recently begun engaging in casual relationships and his feelings for Karen are diminishing. Karen is a reporter or investigative journalist for a newspaper, and through her he as an excellent avenue to either further his own goals or discover interesting titbits that are happening in the prosaic world. Karen shares his animal and lifestyle convictions.

He has built up a fairly sizeable computer network monitoring centre for his own use (primarily) but also that of the realms in general in a locked and secure office within the realm. It will have significant intrusion counter measures, many of them to keep the meddlesome Martians out.

Bryan is a youthful chap, with dark gingerish hair pulled back in a ponytail. He is diminutive in stature being only 5’5” and generally quite eager. It is not obvious from speaking with him at first of his darker personality, though he cannot help certain comments from coming out…

Lee Fou Hut: Lee is a Chinese criminal, working in the US and correctly convicted of murder and other serious offences. He was sentenced to death by electric chair. He maintained an official release by surviving the ordeal when I came to his rescue and offered him service under my wing. On a general basis he lives in London and acts as an unofficial bodyguard for Cyberduck.

He is strong willed and vicious and something of a sociopath. He delights in causing pain and suffering in his victims and will quite happily carry out termination orders on my behalf. He is well versed in general combat though needs to learn to be more subtle at times. When not working he will spend a lot of time in china town where he has various underworld (read triad) connections. His private life is generally his own, so if he wants to get up to no good, then that is fine by me, as long as it doesn’t impact upon my operations. I rule him by force and fear, and he knows that I could kill him with a thought if necessary, which is about the only thing that keeps him in check. He is average height and weight, he looks generally hard and nasty. He is not overly intelligent but capable of seeing a combat operation through, though don’t look for advanced philosophical thinking. His leisure activities are generally involved with sex, drugs and violence.

Cyberduck(or Kevin): Cyberduck is a computer hacker, the jeans and tshirt type. He is intelligent, knowledgeable and curious, as long as the activity is related to computers. He has little social life outside of a the computer medium, although he is not a complete geek. His only real non-computer related hobby is flying microlights, something he can now afford to do. Since his induction into my power base he has been given the task of working on an advanced VR environment. I have assigned him has senior coder for Project Jiva*. This project is to start a working interactive cyberrealm whereby the user can experience sensory information beyond sight, thus sounds, smells and feelings are all output to person. His work is to build the network so that people really think that they are there.

Cyberduck is clever and quick witted, though something of a non-combatant. He works for me out of awe, curiosity and something akin to love as he has now the chance to work on (as he sees it) the most important project ever imagined. Thus I have little need to make him fear me, though he is vagually aware that it is probably a really bad idea to try to cross me. He works long hard hours and is paid extremely well. He has seen a little of the possibilities that the mythic world provides, just enough so that he constantly yearns to know more. He and I enjoy discussing the project and other related topics.


Aspect 2/5 AMP


Electricity 5/8 DMP
Cyberspace 2

Realm 3/5 RMP

Spirit 3/6 SMP

Gifts and Miracles: Elemental (3) (He can also pick up items and turn them electrical as well), Shield Ring of Ferranti (3), Immortal(6)

Handicaps: Immortality only works whilst Bryan is in electrical form.

Affiliations: Devils (Corruption, Suffering, Power)


7 Electricity Domain

6 Cyber Realm Domain

1 Anchor: Girlfriend – Karen

4 Anchor: Cyberduck

4 Anchor: Lee Fou Hut

3 Animal Rights

2 Illuminati

2 Shield Ring

1 Bike

1 Chaos Whip

Flower Design: Acacia with closed black petals. He has T-shirts with this design emblazoned upon them, which he normally wears, though this is often at least partially hidden with some sort of overshirt.

Health: 2 Deadly Wounds, 2 Serious Wounds, 2 Surface Wounds

XP Earnt: 55.2 (as of 24/10/02)

XP Spent: 6(A)+15(PD)+3(DM)+2(SD)+9(R)+6(S)+3(Elemental)+3(Ring)+6(Immortal) = 53

Other Stuff

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