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Ref: BubblingCauldron & DnD35e

Character Background Info

Cauldron and Surounds

Participants in this campaign will be playing the part of local boys and girls from the area around the city of Cauldron. Cauldron is a large settlement in the extinct caldera of a volcano. The city is elevated above a subtropical jungle which surrounds the human enclaves of the area. The relatively high altitude of the city proper is the only thing that allows the higher temperatures of the surrounding region to abate, keeping the region’s largest settlement mostly temperate.

In addition to Cauldron (a town of about 7,500 adults), the settlements of Kingfisher Hollow (large village of 2100), Redgorge (village of 600), and Hollowsky (village of 450) are bastions of the civilized races. The jungles are also home to one or two barbarian tribes who rarely move towards civilization in order to trade with townsfolk.

Cauldron is located in the Hellfurnace Mountains, just north of Turnback Mountains nested between the Anauroch and the Great Glacier. The nearest real city is the capital city of Sasserine, almost a full week’s ride to the north. Sasserine has heavy economic ties to the Sea Princes, and acts as a jumping off point for expeditions into the Amedio Jungle (the area around Cauldron) and the Sea of Dust. Sasserine and its attendant states form a very loose economic partnership, with little more than light taxation ensuring that Sasserine’s military patrols the major roads and keeps the shipping lanes open.

Cauldron (small city) Conventional; AL NG; Population 7,500 adults; 15,000 gp limit; Assets 5,625,000 gp; Mixed (79% human, 9% hafling, 5% gnome, 3% dwarf, 3% elf, 1% half-elf, <1% other)

RPG System Rules

We are using the basic DnD35e rules, unless specified the only rule books in use to create characters are:

    1. Players Handbook
    2. (others yet to be decided on [Character Class Index], [Feat Index], [Spell Index])

Unless specifically introduced all Prestege Classes are off limits. You need to be introduced to most Prestege Class and be inducted into an order. So if you want one please declare it up front so I can put it as part of the background. Allowed Prestege Classes are:

    1. (nowt as of now - [Prestige Class Index])

We will also be using the following varients:

    1. PlayerOnlyRolls
    2. MidThreeD20
    3. DramaticSetups

Character Creation

    1. No Evil Alignment Player Characters.
    2. All Characters must have some attachment and loyalty to the Cauldron, ie be born there or have family there etc. This should be written down before the character is finished.
    3. I would prefer characters have the Elite Stat Block 15,...8 but I will accept 25 point characters.
    4. As the population is 80% human the party must be also. IE only one non human in the party. Note Gnomes and Halflings are the largest community after humans but I will allow any type that could reasonably be there and fit into the Greyhawk style, even ones that need Level Adjust. I would prefer that the non human does not follow the stereotype ie please no half-orc barbarians, elf wizards, gnome illusions, halflings rouges etc (how borring).
    5. The characters already know each other, as they grew up together etc.
    6. I wish the party to be a balanced set, ie a wizard, cleric, rouge and fighter.
    7. I will allow the creation of backup characters and players may swap characters out when they are back in the party's base but the group can only use a max of 4 PCs at a time. The non-played characters are assumed to be working, healing up or such like and are not avaiable to rescue the played characters or do jobs for them.

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