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Ref: CavesAndCrawlers / GalloTales - Series 3 - Episode 11

Gone Fishing ...


PCs: MrYoung (+1kp); GarricProudfoot (+1kp); MegRodgers (+2kp); VinicentDLerios (+1kp); GeveryChambertain (+2kp)


GarricProudfoot escapes on to the roof of the temple where he encounders the Ogre Mage, and the Drow Queen. After a chat in which the Queen attempt to catch him again, he jumps off into the water.

GarricProudfoot is recued to be eaten by a gargol. GarricProudfoot after a while bind the gargol to himself as an anchor.

The rest of the party have been taken to another part of the complex where MegRodgers is bound with RuneMastery? magic. She gains size, beauty and a blinding stare.

GarricProudfoot using his gargol gets to the cave with the rest of the party. He kills the interigator doing the binding to MegRodgers. The Orge Mage arrives and his is killed as well.

The party escape with MegRodgers' servants letting the Durger free to rampage through the Drow Queens haream.

The party arrive at a cave with an old man fishing in it. It turns out to be St John, FatherOfMonsters, he speaks to GeveryChambertain about wanting a fish supper. Some cave carp are fished from the pool GeveryChambertain makes them all a nice fish diner. Afterwards St John seams to die and Dragons fly off from his body leaving a black stone behind which GarricProudfoot picks up.



Start Date: Y10/M8/W2/D1 (afternoon)
End Date: Y10/M8/W2/D2 (afternoon)

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