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Control Weather

New Power that allows some control of weather

Power Points Range Description 2 Smarts x2 Weather version of Havoc for 2 points and is instant. Med burst template All affected make Str roll (-2 if cast raise). Fail, knock 2d6 in random (d12) direction and prone. If hit an object, Shaken as well. Cover reduces distance thrown. Flying targets at -2 roll. 4 100yds For 4 points it acts more like the Zepher Power from 50 Fathoms. It creates a localised minor weather change around a 100m area for 4 hours. Requires concentration. This can't cause effects to people other than make them warm, wet etc. 8 ? For 8 points it creates major change to the weather over a larger area and that can effect people such as Havoc. IE create a small tornado that moves across the battle field, small rain cloud that dumps several 1" of rain on a target. Requires concentration. Lasts 5 mins. 20 Miles For 20 points it changes the weather radically over several mile area but requires total concentration for the whole day.

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