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Ref: BryanFerranti, King of Electricity - Cyber Duck

37 Years old, unshaven, thin, serious, geeky chap who is a self-acclaimed non-combatent.
Currently working on project Jiva (Cyberworld)
He actually quite likes me as he owes his massively prosperous lifestyle to me, and he is also working on the project of a lifetime, doing exactly what he likes best. He also knows that it is best not to get on my wrong side. He hopes that if he proves himself, he will receive a gift from me.
Likes flying things, especially microlites. Has a PPL.

Nobilis Character Sheet

Aspect: none/0(0)
Domain: 0/0(0) (Part of the Estate of Electricity)
Realm: none/0(0)
Spirit: 0/0(0) (Part of the Estate of Electricity)



Miracle points are one shot


Mobile Phone, PDA, Nice selection of T-Shirts for 'out of office' wear.

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