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Ref: DragonTales - Chapter 8 - Dragon's Shadow

Drawn by the need,
by the dedicated's tales and the traveller's song,
he shall walk the ways of the howling dark.
But the brightness of his breath shall be the lure.
Who shall follow after?
The whirling threads or the joined darkness?
The hairy death or crystal lives?
And how shall they contend and how shall they fare?
As in the endless dark,
even the brightest flame can be smothered.
As in the endless dark,
even the worst evil is but another patch of shadow...

The Fight at an the GoldenStagInn? [Adar-20]

A Dark Field at Night

A Trolloc under the sword is worth three in a Copse

Back at the Inn [Adar-21]

DM's notes:

In addition to these events, there are a few other points of note:

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