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Gludo Strade (CathyE)

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Race: Centauri None, Size: Medium, Alignment: Personal, Vision: Normal, Speed: Walk 10'

Classes: Scientist3 Diplomat3 Agent1, Effective Level: 7, Hit Points: 10

Languages: Centauri, English


Height: 4' 6", Weight: 100 lbs., Gender: Female

Eyes: Blue, Hair: Black, Bold, Skin: Light

Dominant Hand: Right, Quirks: Flashy, Nervous, Speech style: Clear, Quotable: I'll take this away so you don't hurt yourself.


STR: +0 (10), DEX: +2 (14), CON: +1 (12), INT: +3 (16), WIS: +0 (10), CHA: +3 (16),

Initiative: +2, BAB: +2, Melee tohit: +2, Ranged tohit: +4

Fortitude: +3, Reflex: +6, Will: +6

Chance of Stabilising: 10.0%


Defence Value = +6
Damage AC = +0
AC = 12


Appraise: +9 (6.0,INT)
Balance: +2 (0.0,DEX)
Bluff: +14 (9.0,CHA)
Climb: +0 (0.0,STR)
Computer Use: +12 (9.0,INT)
Concentration: +1 (0.0,CON)
Diplomacy: +16 (9.0,CHA)
Disguise: +3 (0.0,CHA)
Drive: +2 (0.0,DEX)
Escape Artist: +2 (0.0,DEX)
Forgery: +3 (0.0,INT)
Gather Information: +11 (8.0,CHA)
Hide: +2 (0.0,DEX)
Intimidate: +5 (0.0,CHA)
Jump: +0 (0.0,STR)
Knowledge (Centauri Noble Houses): +8 (5.0,INT)
Knowledge (Star Systems): +7 (4.0,INT)
Listen: +0 (0.0,WIS)
Medical: +4 (4.0,WIS)
Move Silently: +2 (0.0,DEX)
Perform: +7 (4.0,CHA)
Pilot: +11 (9.0,DEX)
Profession (Ship's Doctor): +9 (9.0,WIS)
Search: +3 (0.0,INT)
Sense Motive: +0 (0.0,WIS)
Spot: +0 (0.0,WIS)
Survival: +0 (0.0,WIS)
Swim: +0 (0.0,STR)
Technical (Biolgical): +12 (9.0,INT)


Independently Wealth: You gain 1kC at character creation and an additional income of 2kC per month.; Primary Area of Study: See Text; Spacecraft Proficiency: See Text; Veteran Spacehand: See Text; Armor Proficiency (All): Where all armour; Contact: A named contact that you can use once per month.; First Level Bonus(2): ; Security Systems: Use Search to locate and disable security systems.;

Special Abilities

+1 racial bonus on saving throws against poison, disease ans exhaustion; +2 Bluff and Diplomacy; Contact (1) 1/Month?; Use Alien Artefact; ;


Personally owns a spacecraft of at least gargantuan size


Grapple: +2, Melee: +2, Ranged: +4

Unarmed attack: to hit: +2, damage: 1d3, critical: 20/x2

Multi-Part PPG: to hit: +4, damage: 2d6, critical: 19-20/x2 range: 60'

Special Abilities


Multi-Part PPG 1 1lbs Padded Armour 1 18lbs

Total weight caried: , Current load: Light

Encumbrance Light: 33, Medium: 66, Heavy: 100

Full Description



Character Sheet Notes

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