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Hans Otto, Regal of Money (TimW)


Aspect 2 / 3 (5) AMPs
Domain 7 (Money), 4 (Bureaucracy) / 6 DMPs
Realm 2 / 5 RMPs
Spirit 3 /4 (6) SMPs
Affilation Personal Code


http://www.ironfort.com/images/burnsmoney.gif+right When imagining Hans Otto, think of Mr Burns from the Simpsons in a wheelchair. He appears to be about 65 years old, bald on top with white hair and liver spots.

Hans Otto runs the earthly CultOfOtto
Provides funding for the IlluminatiCult
Has started to pull togeather the CasaDiOtto armed forces OttosArmy

Other Stuff

His Flower

Auricula Angelica

Famous quotes

“Thats the last time I go on holiday” Hans Otto after Black Wednesday

"Money is the oil in the engine of the world.” Hans Otto in a speech to the heads of the IMF, June 1992

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