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John 'Indiana Slim' Ford

A sample character for playing Dare Devil Adventures

JohnFordVersA played by PaulM
JohnFordVersB played by PaulS and RussellH
JohnFordVersC played by TimE

NobilisRPG / JanusRPG Stats

Aspect: 0 / 2 AMPs
Skills: Adventurer, Archeologist
Gifts: Respectability
Flaw: Danger junky. Likes expensive and rare things

Actions: 1 Mundane, 1 Miracle
Rank: Middle Class, Karma: Hero (0)


Ford is a tough adventurer who is as much in love with danger as he is with the rewards of the game. When off duty he appears as a simple museum curator but, when in the tick of things, he is as hard as nails tough guy.


Colt New Service (no license to carry)
In town he wears good quality middle class street clothes
Adveturing he wears a tough leather jacket and trail clothes
He has a Model T Ford worth $400
A well paid job in the museum at $200 per month
An expensive life style at $25 per month
An well apointed flat $60 per month
A hunting rifle $40
A very expensive 'non-drip' pen $75
Experdition kit $500 stored in the museum


Surface (2) : O O
Serious (1) : O
Deadly (1) : O

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