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The New Gallo Shared Campaign

ew Gallo is a large shared world that most of the gamers in our groups we know of played in for about one year. We where all valient explorers in a the New World. The DnD3e system was used for it simplisty and general avalibility. The basic of the idea was that small groups of characters would be allowed to move from referee to referee because each session had to end up at the town of New Christina. Hence every day different sets of the Town Guard went out to explore the ancient, danger infested Jungles of NewGallo and brought home new treasures for their Duke.

New Stuff

  1. PeteN has started running NewGallo in Finland DinoGallo.

  1. PhilippeK has started running NewGallo in France, here is the new [Web Site].

  1. DaveF has start to run a game based in OldGallo see CavesAndCrawlers and is thinking about a new campaign NewCoast.

The Rules

The New Gallo Campaign

Sub Campaigns

The Sage Moonsafari

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