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The Xmas Raindeers Vs The Laughter Room by PeterB

Plot outline

Pipster the elf is unhappy. He dislikes being a rosy cheeked elf and wants to be more like the Tolkein Elves and wants to be called Endorphin. He has a number of badges on his hat, such as Elrond Rocks and Vote Countryside Alliance. He has created a slice’n’dice machine in the Laughter House for chopping up the reindeer to stop Santa so that he can take over the realm after Santa’s xmas failure. The machine is made by ACME, and thus can be put into reverse to reconstitute anybody sliced up. So far he has tricked Donder (into Donder Kebabs), Cupid (into Prime Cupid Cuts) and Rudolph (into Ready Salted Rudolph Rawhide) to using the machine. He will be working on the rest shortly.

The other reindeer can stop this by foiling the dastardly plans of Pipster and his cohorts by breaking into the Corn House. This is magic corn provided yearly by Kris Kringle a mighty wizard. It has been delivered and is marked in individual nosebags. It will give each reindeer who eats them 5 miracle points on each stat and the miraclous gift to fly.

Pipster, the unhappy elf

He has Rudolf’s nose (+1 on all stats) sown onto the top of his hat as a bright red bobble, hence currently he's got:

           		Level	MPs	Curr MPs
           Aspect		2	0	0
           Domain	Xmas	2	0	1
           Realm		4	0	1
           Spirit		1	0	0

           Gifts and Miracles: None				
           Handicaps: None

The Laughter House sign: (see title)

The Reindeers

The players are all the reindeers that Pipster has not got yet, Dancer, Comet, Dasher, Vixen, Prancer and Blitzen.

           		Level	MPs	Curr MPs
           Aspect		2	0	0
           Domain	Xmas	1	0	0
           Realm		1	0	0
           Spirit		0	0	0

           Gifts and Miracles: None				
           Handicaps: No opposable fingers

[Reindeers Character Sheets (PDF 350kb)]

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