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If you are a player or not PaulM do not read this

This is meant for Private Character information.

Character Points
* 55.4 (53)

Bonds (27)
* 8 Cara Loft (Lara Croft Clone)
* 4 Emily Richards (Grand Prix groupie. Now lawyer in London)
* 4 Rebecca Richards (Emily's sister. Grand Prix groupie. Now Fasion designer in New York)
* 4 John (Spanners) Blowers (Mechanic from Grand Prix days, looks after vehical collection)
* 2 Sancitity of My Estate
* 3 Collection of Rare and Vinatage motor bikes (At Chancel)
* 2 My Family

A White closed, six pettalled flower, with sword-like leaves in groups of five.
(Beauty, Eloquence, Discovery, Heaven)

* The Servants Rite
* The Witch Hunt Rite
* The Redtooth Rite
* The Rite of the last trump (1 : 1)
* The Nettle Rite
* The Rite of Rescue
* The Rite of Holly Fire (Verbal Abuse)

Items of Note
* Mana Battery 14/15
* 1/6 of a PearsOfImortality left
* Iridium (2 CD's)
* The JanusBroach? of Unblemished Guise (4 points)
* Access to Elmental Water

Some thoughts on Zak Dunlop (2 CP's)

* Born 22/11/69 into the Dunlop Family (the current head of the family is his uncle).

* Loves to test and push himself hence becoming motor bike grand prix driver for a while before getting bored of that. Has also tried and succeded at all manour of outdoor adveture style sports (climbing, sailing etc), any sort of sport that demands physical thoughness combined with skill and mind, usually striving to do it in the most simple and elegant way.

* As part of his adventuring life style he has travelled the world metting new people and exploring new places giving him an apitite for lerning about different cultures from around the world, there language, customs, history and beliefs. This has become much simpler now that he is a Noble.

* Joined the cult of Otto in his motor cycling days. The original John Boyd Dunlop was a founding member along with Nikolaus Otto. The original concept was a club to further the cultural revolution that the motor car started.

* The estate of "Control Systems" might seem a little strange for some one with such a great love of outdoor pursuits but the truth be told that Zak has got a little bored with it all now. With such a high a

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