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: Lylas the Tsrang Archer (DaveF)
: LylaS? the Tsrang Archer (DaveF)

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: Jalfrezi the Windling Wind scout (PaulM)
: JalfrezI? the Windling Wind scout (PaulM)

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: Orotria the Elf Shamaness (PeteB?)
: OrotriA? the Elf Shamaness (PeteB?)

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Vivane City Adventures

These pages provide information on a campaign game set in the City of Vivane using the Earthdawn system.

All copyrights are acknowledged.


Set in the idyllic Vivane province, this charming city has been wisely governed by the Theran empire for the past 60 years. It is the local seat of government and houses a wide variety of businesses and entertainments and is famous for its selection of local produce.

The Characters

LylaS? the Tsrang Archer (DaveF)
xxxxx the Human Troubadour (DaveF)
JalfrezI? the Windling Wind scout (PaulM)
DhanZak? the Troll Skyraider (PeteB?)
OrotriA? the Elf Shamaness (PeteB?)
yyyy the Elf Wizard (MattS)


House Rules

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