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James Outram

fictional use of real character

later Lt General Sir James Outram, 1st Baronet, 1803-1863

Born in Scotland he entered the Indian Army at 16, acted as an Adjutant of a Bombay regiment in 1820 and was employed for some years in Khandesh disciplining the Bhils. He was a Political Agent in Mahi Kanta and in 1838 was attached to the staff of Sir John Keane, commander of the Bombay Army. Outram led the pursuit of Amir Dost Muhammad across the Hindu Kush and took a prominent part in the operations in South Afghanistan. In 1839 he was Political Agent at Hyderabad in Sind and in 1841 in Upper Sind, cultivating a friendship with the Amirs and advocating their cause. He defended the Hyderabad Residency in 1843 against 8,000 Baluchis. He was Resident at Satara in 1845 and at Baroda in 1847 and later Resident at Lucknow in 1854. He was given the command of the Persian war, 1856-1857. In the Indian Mutiny he commanded two divisions of the Bengal Army accompanying the relief column to Lucknow in September 1857. He was Military Member of the Supreme Council from 1858 to 1860. He died in 1863 and was buried in Westminster Abbey. Sir Charles Napier described him as “the Bayard of India”.

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