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Pr'Dak (AdrianW)

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Race: Narn None, Size: Medium, Alignment: Personal, Vision: Low-light, Normal, Speed: Walk 10'

Classes: Soldier6 The Mutari1, Effective Level: 7, Hit Points: 30

Languages: English, Narn


Height: 6' 8", Weight: 250 lbs., Gender: Male

Eyes: Light Red, Hair: N/A, N/A, Skin: Redish Brown

Dominant Hand: Right, Quirks: Quiet, Dependable, Speech style: Rude, Quotable: Know what I mean?


STR: +3 (17), DEX: +2 (15), CON: +3 (16), INT: +1 (12), WIS: +1 (13), CHA: -1 (8),

Initiative: +6, BAB: +7/+2, Melee tohit: +10/+5, Ranged tohit: +9/+4

Fortitude: +9, Reflex: +7, Will: +4

Chance of Stabilising: 10.0%


Defence Value = +7
Damage AC =
AC = 12


Appraise: +1 (0.0,INT)
Balance: +5 (3.0,DEX)
Bluff: -1 (0.0,CHA)
Climb: +3 (0.0,STR)
Computer Use: +1 (0.0,INT)
Concentration: +9 (6.0,CON)
Diplomacy: -1 (0.0,CHA)
Disguise: -1 (0.0,CHA)
Drive: +2 (0.0,DEX)
Escape Artist: +2 (0.0,DEX)
Forgery: +1 (0.0,INT)
Gather Information: -1 (0.0,CHA)
Hide: +2 (0.0,DEX)
Intimidate: +5 (6.0,CHA)
Jump: +8 (5.0,STR)
Listen: +1 (0.0,WIS)
Medical: +1 (0.0,WIS)
Move Silently: +2 (0.0,DEX)
Perform: -1 (0.0,CHA)
Search: +1 (0.0,INT)
Sense Motive: +1 (0.0,WIS)
Spot: +6 (5.0,WIS)
Survival: +6 (5.0,WIS)
Swim: +3 (0.0,STR)


Improved Initiative: You get a +4 bonus on initiative checks.; Improved Unarmed Strike: You are considered to be armed even when unarmed. However, you still get an attack of opportunity against any opponent who makes an unarmed attack on you. In addition, your unarmed strikes can deal lethal or nonlethal damage, at your option.; Lightning Reflexes: You get a +2 bonus on all Reflex saving throws.; Weapon Focus (Unarmed Strike, Grapple): You gain a +1 bonus on all attack rolls you make using the selected weapon.; Armor Proficiency (All): Where all armour; First Level Bonus(3): ;

Special Abilities

+1 Damage to Centauri; Covering Fire; Unarmed Damage 1d4; Weapons Training (2); ;


Accepted by the Muta-Do (pre August 2258), Earth Alliance Identicard


Grapple: +10/+5, Melee: +10/+5, Ranged: +9/+4

Unarmed attack: to hit: +11/+6, damage: 1d4+3, critical: 20/x2

Special Abilities


Total weight caried: , Current load: Light

Encumbrance Light: 86, Medium: 173, Heavy: 260

Full Description



Character Sheet Notes

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