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Wallace Tiffin-Smythe

"Gads man, the natives want to do battle before tiifin!?! How uncivilised!"


Tall, blond, very muscular and vagely handsom in a rugged, weathered sort of way. Has a set of parallel scars down one cheek from a lion claw. Also has a number of shocking tattooes across his back. Tends to dress impecably when he has funds, but the clothes are usually reduced to rags during his adventures, almost always leaving his chest bared.


Wallace is the quintisensual gentleman explorer. Polite, educated, well mannered, combined with being arrogant, and chauvanistic. Save for his lack of racism (a flaw in the eyes of his peers) he's a typical englishman. Has an overwhelming curriosity. His drive to explore and wonderlust prevent him from remaining in one country for long.


Wallace is the only remaining member of the Tiffin-Smythe family. His father, also a famed explorer of his time, dragged his entire family along on an expedition to central Africa where they were all slaughtered by carnivorous apes. Wallace was saved by a passing tribal medicine man. Raised by the old man, Wallace was taught many esoteric skills in survival, medicine, and native superstition (magic) befoe the tribe was wiped out by a second expedition sent to find his father.

Forcibly returned to England he was shocked to discover that his father, although a peer of the realm, had left behind a huge amount of debts. The family estate was sold off to cover the markers, leaving barely enough to put the young man through Cambridge university. Wallace developed passions for engineering and boxing.

However, Wallace's steadfast support of the coloured minorities led to him being ostracised by his peers, and thus he found no source of employment after graduating. Frustrated by the narrow mindedness and lacking funds he signed onto the first expedition going back to Africa. Since then, his wonderlust has dragged him across the world in search of new places. He has sailed the Java seas, ventured to the boarders of Tibet, Searched for gold in ancient Andean ruins, and traded for opium in khazakstan.

Wallace more than anything desires adventure and wealth. However, no matter how much money he earns or steals, it tends to run through his fingers like water.


Languages - Lacking a classical education at school, Wallace lacks knowledge of most european languages, save for a smattering of pigin French and German (mainly swear words), used when on safari. He does have excellent knowledge of many African dialects, and can be understood in Tiwanese, Spannish, and the gutteral excuses for native languages used in the Caucasses region.

Youth - African culture, native magic (pharmacy and psychology), hunting, survival, native weapons, climbing, distance running, and swimming.

Education - Read engineering at Cambridge, but also studied anthropology and archeaology. Both the boxing and cross country champion for three years running.

Profession - Exploring (drawing maps, leading expeditions, etc), rifles, sailing, tomb robbing, sixth sense, riding (elephant, cammel, horse).

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