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Ref: DaveF & BushidoRPG

Once Upon A Time In Japan

Group: [Wednesday Kingson Group], ([Thursday Tolworth Group] Please do not read)
Referee: DaveF
System: BushidoRPG


Initial Set Up

The party have just come of age and before they leave their homes to become wandering adventures, join a school, sign up as a Samurai, or are forced to get married and join the family firms etc. The local [Ujiko] (Kami Society) have chosen the party to take part in the Himachi (Watching the Dawn) at the Boundary Kami's rock.

Current Situation

It is now three months later and the party have made an impression on the local area. [Miharu] is now the Priest of the [Ujiko], [Fu Do Komadori] is organising arms sales in to less than reputable markets, [Yuki Ishiro Tokimasa] is required to hide his families growing wealth by managing the clan estates and [Daiginjoshu Chowei] finds himself in the centre of Samurai polities.


The main character are: [Yuki Ishiro Tokimasa], [Miharu], [Fu Do Komadori], and [Daiginjoshu Chowei]

For more information see: [Characters]


There current stories are: [Scores], [Tanuki], [Sword Running and Shrine Duties], [Scolding Waters and Wet Dogs], [...]

For more information see: [Adventures]


The [adventures] are set in [the province of Mimasaka] in Southern Honshu which is controlled by the [Koyboshi Clan]

For more information see: [Background]

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