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The Nobles of OttoTheGreat

Mundane Start

The group started off as the leadership of the cult of Petrol Heads of the God of the Internal Comustion Engine. Otto was under threat on earth by other intrested powers so he choose to create an channel and the leadership of his cult became his new Nobles.

Their Sheets

The Nobles of OttoTheGreat are:

    1. True King MarcelloMancini of Speed played by RickO
    2. Exemplar BillyBob of Conbustion played by TerryM
    3. Conflagration ZakDunlop of Control played by PaulM
    4. Regent HansOtto of Money and Administration played by TimW
    5. King BryanFerranti of Electricity and CyberSpace? played by PeterB
    6. Marquis BangerJackson of Matter played by MattS

    1. MrSmith of HansOtto played by TerryM
    2. CaraLoft of ZakDunlop played by RickO
    3. ZaakBob of BillyBob played by PeterB
    4. CyberDuck of BryanFerranti played by MattS
    5. FatherAngelo of MarcelloMancini played by PaulM
    6. RodgerThomas of BangerJackson played by TimW

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