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Arnold "Todgers" Hamelton

"We're gonna jump, todgers out, into one helluva bad situation!"


Todgers is a lot smarter than he acts. He knows well that an English Gentleman is not suppost to care about money or intellitual persuits a fact that he will use to his advatage in business deals. He is a stickler for maners - trying to be more english than an english gentleman.


Arnold or "Todgers" was born in India, 1903, but educated in Rugby and Oxford. The Hamelton's have owned land in India since the start of the British East India Company. More than one of his ancesors have married rich local India ladies to gain India land and titles. Hence Todgers is infact part Indian but only a cad would point out his mid olive skin and dark hair, after all Todgers is an English an Arostcat as you get. At home he is also a Indian Royal Prince, not that he would mension it. The Hameltons make their money importing tea from India to Europe.

Todgers got his name at school, but he will create a new lie about it each time he is asked.

Todgers has claimed that his hunting rifles he won from the Marques of Bath.


Titles - Todgers is [Maharajas] of [Kolhapur], [Chief of Kagal (Senior)] and [Viscount Arnold of Boyne] (Fictional use of real titles)

Hobbies - Todgers is happest hunting for tigers but finds any advanture that allows him to put his name and picture in the paper intresting, near an ad for his tea of course. He hasin the past climb mountains (with guides) and gone on extensive safares in India.

Languages - He can speak English, German, Italian, French and several Indian dilects. He also has passing knowledge of Ancient Greek, Latin and Sandsrit.

Professional - Todgers understand accounts to a degree that would astoned his auditors, if they could find the frauds. His business accumen is impressive even if he does like his staff to do the work. He is an expert on India Tea, its production, markets and transportation. He a a strong understanding of the insurance, commodites and stock market.

Education - Rugby School and the Oxford. He is quite knowledgable about, English, Imperial and Ancient History, Law and Geography. He was fair at most sports but excelled at Riding and Running.

Personality Qwirks - Preferes to evade answering any direct question about himself with a white lie. He pens letters to The Times pertending to be a French Cafe Artist, complaining about the quality of the coffee in the UK and one might as well drink tea here.

Physical - Arnold is a short and wirely, he was a flyhalf at school. He has a preference to dodge out of the way of trouble but is not afraid to mix it with people a lot biger tham himself.

Current Status

On board the ship at Hong Kong island.

He has so far spend:


Hunting Party


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