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Gentlemen Adventurers

An escapade testing the phlegm, stiff upper lip and doughty resolve of our Victorian heros as they undertake, voyages, derring-do and adventures in the great expansionist era of Victorian times. Covering European politics, the Raj, the Great Game, Borneo Pirates, Shanghaied into China, exploring the West, the Dark Continent, Impi and Zulu uprisings and Artic exploration.

Never let your pith helmet slip, unfailingly present your card and always, always run-like-hell.

Loosely based on the most excellent Flashman novels by George Mac.Donald Fraser

The Grand Adventures

Chapter One : Europe 1839

Chapter Two : China 1839

Chapter Three : India 1840

Chapter Four : The Middle East 1840

The Cast

Character Generation

Rules; The rules system is very loosely based on Fudge [FivePointFudge], but will be in my ( HowardT ) almost rule-less style. Generate a character description and background, eg: An excellent swordsman, Gentleman of some means. and we'll wing it from there.

[Some ideas for characters background/ vocation, see page 2]

[Marcus Rowland's excellent Forgotten Futures Steampunk]


For others wishing to try this at home...

1/ Read the books. [Amazon]

2/ Wikipedia on Sir Harry [HarryFlashmanVC].

3/ Chronology and Key Characters [1].

4/ Keep the time date and phases of the moon right! [England 1839]

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